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Aaptiv’s Touch Your Toes Program is Live!

Let's get flexible.

Quick: Stand up! Now, slowly bend at the waist and reach your arms toward your feet. Can you touch your toes? If yes, good for you. You’re likely putting in the time to regularly stretch your active muscles—or you’re blessed by the flexibility gods. If not, good for you, too. Because Aaptiv’s Touch Your Toes program launches in-app today. It’s time to unwind—physically and mentally.

It sounds simple enough: The goal is, of course, to touch your toes. The program is designed to help you reach that goal (and your toes!) in just 20 days. But the benefits extend far beyond that. Developed by Aaptiv trainer Jennifer Giamo, this all-stretching program will benefit anyone looking to increase flexibility, improve mobility, recover post-injury, and even carve out more “me time.” Each day of the program brings a new stretching series complete with technical jargon to help you better understand how each stretching pattern directly benefits your body. You’ll focus on a variety of body areas, especially common areas of immobility—the hips, hamstrings, and lower back—to loosen tightness and gradually work your hands down to your toes.

Flexibility training, or regular stretching, is critical at all stages of fitness, Giamo explains. “Everyone needs to realize the importance of flexibility to prevent and treat injuries or imbalances,” she says. “With increased flexibility comes an improved range of motion and with that comes more effective and efficient athletic performance.”

For Giamo, stretching and improved flexibility proved to be necessary parts of her recovery after a debilitating back injury. Read her full story here and then get started with day one of her Touch Your Toes program.

Want to touch your toes but not a member of Aaptiv yet? Sign up here for increased flexibility, improved mobility, and overall stronger, safer athletic performance.

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