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10 Common Yoga Terms to Know Before Your First Class

Short of studying Sanskrit, this guide to common yoga lingo is the next best thing.

How Yoga Workouts Help the Body and The Mind

To achieve and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit, physical activity is a crucial ingredient....

5 Best Yoga Stretches for the IT Band

Use your yoga practice to help relieve tension in your IT band.

6 Common Yoga Poses You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Your downward facing dog might need some adjusting.

What is Hybrid Yoga and Should I Try It?

How mixing and matching amplifies your traditional workout.

Why Does Yoga Make Me Dizzy?

Here’s everything you need to ditch the dizziness.

How to Actually Stretch to Get More Flexible

Improving flexibility can increase your athletic range of motion, decrease your chance of getting injured, and reduce soreness.

6 Yoga Myths You Need to Leave Behind

Don’t let these common misconceptions stop you from starting a practice.

The 5 Best Stretches to Promote Digestion

As it turns out, stretching isn’t just for the gym—it can be utilized to help you digest your food on a daily basis.

6 Trainer-Approved Stretches to Loosen Up Tight Glutes

Loosen up those muscles.

10 Easy Ways to Add Stretching to Your Daily Routine

Incorporate these easy and convenient stretches into your day to help ease tension and gain flexibility.

7 Morning Stretches to Help You Jump-Start Your Day

Trainers share their easy, energizing favorites to help you rise and shine.


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