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6 Best Exercises to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Here, fitness pros share some of the top exercises to prepare for pregnancy that they recommend their clients partake in before, during and after pregnancy.

Introducing Aaptiv’s Brand New Fourth Trimester Collection

New moms, this ones for you.

5 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Baby’s Arrival

Make welcoming a child into the world a little bit easier with these preparations.

6 Ways Exercise Should Change in the 3rd Trimester

Here’s how you should modify your fitness routine in the third trimester.

6 Ways Exercise Should Change in Your Second Trimester

Here’s how to modify your workouts as you enter trimester two.

5 Ways Exercise Should Change in the First Trimester

With your doctor’s “okay,” you can continue exercising during your first trimester with these minor adjustments.

How to Manage Foot Pain During Pregnancy

Learn how the physical changes of pregnancy can trigger foot pain, as well as tips you can use to manage and treat it.

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Prenatal Workout Routine

Exercise throughout your pregnancy—the right way.

Can I Exercise With a Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

With proper treatment the condition doesn’t need to derail your exercise routine.

Do You Really Need to “Eat for Two” While Pregnant?

It’s not about how much you eat but what you eat.

5 Ways to Deal With Body Image Issues During Pregnancy

Worried about what pregnancy will do to your body? You’re not alone.

How to Manage Symphysis Pubis Pain During and After Pregnancy

Your pelvis is going through some changes—here's how to deal.


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