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6 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Turkey Trot

To help ensure your Thanksgiving Turkey Trot goes smoothly and that you’re ready to tackle each and every mile, here are some expert tips for how to prepare.

Fall into Fitness: Unlocking the Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Going beyond the physical benefits!

How to Be Safe When Running or Hiking By Yourself

A hike or a run is a really great way to fit in some exercise and get some fresh air. It’s fun to ...

What is a Sprint Triathlon?

If you’re looking to get into triathlons or Ironman races but find the thought a little intimidati...

How to Tell How Much Arch Support You Need

It may seem like a small thing but a foot arch is incredibly important to your foot health.

4 Benefits of Walking Outside That Go Beyond Physical

So people feel like, if they're not breaking a sweat, they're not getting “true” exercise, but this is not the case with walking.

What Is It Actually Like To Run a Marathon? A Marathon Runner Explains

Ever wonder what it's really like to run a marathon? Here are some of the obvious, and not-so-obvious, things you might experience.

How to Prepare for the Return of Race Training Season

Ready to run? Check out these tips and tricks to ease you back into running with the return of race training season.

Feeling Bored With Your Outdoor Runs? Here’s How to Spice Them Up

There are plenty of ways to take your outdoor jogs to the next level.

How to Exercise Outdoors With Seasonal Allergies

Spring allergies getting you down? Here’s how to manage symptoms so you can still workout outside.

The Case for Running in the Cold Weather

Science says that you should hit the trail even when those temperatures drop.

What Is Mindful Running and How Can I Tap Into It?

Here’s how to utilize this running technique and unlock all of its benefits on and off of the track.


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