Stair Climber

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How Does the Stair Climber Compare to Regular Stairs?

The biggest differences to look out for when using the stair climber versus climbing traditional steps.

How to Use the Stair Climber for Obstacle Course Race Training

Follow these expert tips to get race-ready without getting lost in the woods.

How to Use the Stair Climber to Train for a Hike

Before you hit the trails, jump on this cardio machine to take your fitness up, up, up.

How to Make the Stair Climber Feel Easier

Make the machine more approachable, without sacrificing a good challenge.

How to Use a Stair Climber Machine

A stair climber could be the secret to burning major calories during your workout. We're demystifying this common gym machine.

How the Stair Climber Can Improve Your Cycling

This leg-strengthening machine builds pedal-pushing muscle and boosts cardio.

3 Common Stair Climber Mistakes to Avoid

Making a few crucial tweaks to your form and completely change your workout by avoiding these stair climber mistakes.

6 Stair Climber Myths You Should Stop Believing ASAP

How much do you really know about stair climber workouts? Our experts debunk six common myths about this cardio machine.

Stair Climber vs. Incline Walking: Which is Better?

Both workouts seem to do the same thing, but is one better than the other?

9 Ways to Burn More Calories on the Stair Climber

Here’s how to get even more out of this challenging machine.

4 Stair Climber Benefits Beyond a Sculpted Backside

We love the stair climber for its toning effects, but that’s not all the machine has to offer.

How Many Steps Count as a Floor?—and Answers to All Your Other Stair Climber Questions

There are no silly questions, especially when it comes to this sometimes confusing cardio machine.


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