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There are plenty of alternative exercises to running that give you the same cardiovascular benefits!

How Indoor Cycling Can Help Improve Running

Cross-training with indoor cycling can provide a low-impact alternative that improves your running.

Essential Things You Need for Cycling

Cycling is a great outdoor activity that keeps you lean, fit, and happy. More than that, it’s a li...

6 Lower Body Stretches All Cyclists Should Know

Aaptiv Trainer John Thornhill explains why stretching is important and tells us how to do some of his favorites.

This June is Cycling Month at Aaptiv!

Get ready to hop on the bike and start pedaling.

7 Leg Exercises to Improve Your Cycling

Add power to your pedaling with these trainer-approved moves.

6 Tips to Help You Perfect Your Indoor Cycling Form

From seat height to body positioning, employ these expert tips during your next cycling class.

Why Cyclists Should Use Indoor Cycling to Train for Races

The indoor bike can be a useful tool for those looking to enhance their cycle training routines.

Why Indoor Cycling is the Perfect Exercise After Surgery

Learn why biking indoors is the best way to rehabilitate post-surgery.

Try These Workout Tips to Make Indoor Cycling Harder

Take indoor cycling up a notch with these tips and tricks.

Important Indoor Cycling Terms You Should Know

Understand all the important terminology for your next indoor cycling class.

6 Ways to Alleviate Indoor Cycling Seat Pain

Cycling experts share their tried-and-true tips for relieving indoor cycling seat pain.


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