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Aaptiv is a mobile fitness product that is reinventing the way people workout, with audio classes that combine the motivation of a professional trainer with an incredible playlist. From truly fun treadmill workouts to effective elliptical classes, and interval routines that burn major calories, start enjoying your cardio with Aaptiv.

Our team is dedicated to the belief that high-quality fitness instruction should not be a privilege for a few, but a right for all. We don’t think of fitness as an end goal, but rather a tool that fuels a richer, more successful life. We are looking for team members who are excited and eager to support our members by building the world’s best audio fitness product!

What We’re Building

Aaptiv is the fastest growing mobile fitness product on the market -- with over 180,000 paid subscribers in less than 18 months of business. We are the only service that turns your phone into an on-demand fitness studio with all your favorite classes and music. That drive you feel to run, push, or pedal harder in a class or when working with a personal trainer? Aaptiv recreates the experience by synchronizing the voice of a trainer with a playlist of all the music you love, to deliver fun and motivating guided workouts straight to your earbuds.

At Aaptiv, we’re building a fitness platform that enables us to develop long-term and personal relationships with users based on their data profiles. By analyzing user behavior patterns, we are able to both create and recommend content customized to specific fitness levels and interests.

Want to join our team? We’re looking for people who are passionate about creating a world-class fitness experience. There are over 80 million Americans who value fitness - and we think every one of them should be an Aaptiv user.