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Aaptiv® is a leading provider of accessible, flexible, and approachable digital health and wellness coaching to individuals, companies, and organizations with a fast-growing community of members who take on average 20,000 of Aaptiv's exclusive classes each day across 15 categories. With a mission to empower everyone to live a healthier life, Aaptiv® has transformed corporate fitness & wellness benefit programs to deliver hyper-personalized, adaptive coaching for each individual in an organization.

The Latest News From Aaptiv®

Pear Health Labs, Inc. launches enhanced Aaptiv® app with advanced new features


May 23, 2023. The app's enhanced new functionality - including SmartCoach, an AI-driven personal trainer that tailors personalized workout plans - helps improve the health and wellness of users. Read full press release here.

New Medicare offering from PEAR Health Labs integrates AI-powered digital coaching with industry's largest fitness network

February 23, 2023. Designed to overcome barriers to health in the aging population, Aaptiv for Medicare personalizes adaptive experiences, which can boost member wellness, reduce claims and costs. Read full press release here.

About Aaptiv® by PEAR Health Labs, Inc.

Aaptiv® is an AI-powered adaptive digital coaching solution that helps people improve their health, fitness and happiness. With a hyperpersonalized digital fitness offering, Aaptiv's smart coach provides recommendations and access to personalized digital workouts that can be done at home, on the go, or in one of many nearby facilities in the Aaptiv® fitness network to help people move smarter, get healthier, and live happier. Built on the PEAR Training Intelligence platform, Aaptiv® is uniquely designed to adapt based on the user's progress to create realistic expectations that help facilitate boosted productivity and improved well-being.

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