Outdoor Running

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Feeling Bored With Your Outdoor Runs? Here’s How to Spice Them Up

There are plenty of ways to take your outdoor jogs to the next level.

How to Exercise Outdoors With Seasonal Allergies

Spring allergies getting you down? Here’s how to manage symptoms so you can still workout outside.

The Case for Running in the Cold Weather

Science says that you should hit the trail even when those temperatures drop.

What Is Mindful Running and How Can I Tap Into It?

Here’s how to utilize this running technique and unlock all of its benefits on and off of the track.

Here’s How Runners Can Protect Their Skin in The Cold

Don’t let the winter blues wreak havoc on your skin, too!

What is the “Pain Cave”—and Why Do Runners Love It?

How to manage when you hit that wall.

Different Ways To Improve Your Pace During Training Runs

When it comes to running, your main concerns would be the distance you can cover and how fast you ca...

Why You Should Taper Before a Marathon and How to Do It Right

Come out of your training feeling rested and ready.

What Exactly Is De-Training and How Do I Do It?

Why taking a break is just as important as training.

How to Avoid Inner Thigh Chafing on Outdoor Runs

Nothing ruins a good run like thigh chafing. Here’s how to avoid this annoying phenomenon.

Plogging Is the Latest Workout Trend to Benefit You and the Earth

Bring along a trash bag and do some good while you clean up those miles.

How to Run in the Wind

Don’t let a stiff breeze keep you from running at your best.


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