The Dumbbell Challenge and Other New Classes Live Now!

New week, new classes.

Happy Monday, Team Aaptiv! Start off the week strong with all new classes live in-app now.

This week, try the Dumbbell Challenge, a strength class featuring Aaptiv Trainer Ackeem Emmons, or find some inner peace and calm with Light-Stitched, a guided meditation led by Aaptiv Trainer Nicole Meline.

Strength Training

Fueled Up, Fired Up with Amanda B.
Full Body + Kettlebells: You’ll need two kettlebells, one ranging from 22lb to 30lb and the other ranging from 44lb to 70lb. You’ll do eight rounds of moves, working 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Moves include kettlebell swings, Russian twists, thrusters, and burpees.

The Dumbbell Challenge with Ackeem E.
Tabata + Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of 10lb dumbbells for this challenge. You’ll use a Tabata approach and isolate different muscle groups as you work. Movements include V-ups, hollow pass-throughs, hollow body planks, squats, and more. You’ll build muscular strength and endurance.

Hangs and Train with Kenta S.
Full Body + Equipment: You’ll need a suspension training device for this workout. You’ll work through three different circuits of strength, cardio, and core exercises including standing rows, reverse lunges, jumping squats, straight-arm bridges, push-ups, overhead tricep extensions, high knees, standing rollouts, glute bridges, hamstring curls, plank jacks, and forearm planks. You’ll work your full body.

Me and My Form with Marc C.
Full Body: All you need for this 10-minute beginner’s strength class is your bodyweight. Your workout includes body squats, lunges, mountain climbers, cardio, and more. Pay attention to your form as you work.

No Room for Mediocrity with Marc C.
Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of dumbbells between 10lb and 20lb for this workout. You’ll work through a circuit of bodyweight squats, lateral lunges, loaded bear squat planks, mountain climbers, push-ups, glute bridges, and side planks. You’ll end with a dumbbell circuit of compound lower body and upper body movements such as squat presses and side lunges, as well as some cardio.

Nothing But Improvement with Meghan T.
Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of 10lb dumbbells and a medium or heavyweight kettlebell for this class. You’ll use the kettlebell for deadlifts so pick a weight that’s comfortable for you. You’ll work through two circuits. The first will have three movements and the second will have two. You’ll repeat each circuit twice. Movements include burpees, squat presses, deadlifts, push-ups into rows, and toe taps. This is a great sprinter-specific routine for athletes looking to improve strength and power output.

All Bodyweight, All You with Rochelle M.
Full Body: After a quick warm-up, use your bodyweight for a series of strength exercises. You’ll perform squats for 30 seconds, hold a modified plank for 20 seconds, and work through 20 seconds of modified push-ups. You’ll repeat this set 3 times through. Then, you’ll have 30 seconds of kickboxing jabs, 20 seconds of modified knee highs, and 20 seconds of bicycle crunches. Repeat this three times through.


Slow Roller with Amanda B.
Full Body + Equipment: You’ll need a foam roller and mat for this class. Start with your legs and work your way up the body to slowly release tension in your all over.

Stretch A Little Further with Jenn G.
Lower Body: This stretch is mostly focused on the lower body. You’ll work through static and dynamic stretches designed to improve your proprioception so you’ll need a strap or a towel. This is a great stretch to do after a run or an elliptical workout.

Let’s Split with Kenta S.
Lower Body: You’ll need a mat for this advanced stretch class. You’ll work through deep quad and hamstring stretches before finishing up with splits. If you can’t do a split quite yet, don’t worry, this is still a great stretch for your lower body. It’s a great class to take after a run,when your muscles are already warmed up.

Spinal Stretch with Rachel M.
Upper Body: You’ll need a mat for this quick stretch class. The focus here will be on the spine and loosening up your back muscles.


Faster, Please with Ackeem E.
Speed Work: This is a speed-focused routine. As time progresses, the speed will increase. You’ll work for 60 seconds at a time and have a 60-second active recovery at 3.0. After every 5-6 minute circuit, you’ll step off the treadmill to complete a quick bodyweight routine.

Runner’s Mind with Elena M.
Intervals: You’ll warm up for 6 minutes, then work through seven blocks of work with 90 seconds of recovery between each. You’ll jog with increasing inclines and finish up with some sprints.

Hill Hell with Meghan T.
Speed Work: This workout is specific to sprinters or athletes who want to work on increasing their power output. The focus of this class is entirely on incline walking and running. You’ll have nine 2-minute intervals at an incline of 8.0 and 10.0, with speeds ranging from 5.0 to 6.0. The hills aim to improve endurance, muscular strength, power, and lung capacity.

Calm and Collected with Rachel M.
Intervals: You’ll work through three rounds of intervals. Work for 60, 75, and 90 seconds at a time with some longer runs sprinkled in. You’ll have 3 minutes of recovery in between rounds. Pay attention to your form and push your mental toughness as you work.

Progress At Work with Rochelle M.
Progression Intervals: It’s all about progressing in this quick treadmill run. After a quick warmup, work through three progressions that gradually increase in pace and incline to get your heart rate up in a short period of time and challenge your mental toughness.


I’m A Sprinter with Candice C.
Intervals + Sprints: In this workout, you’ll progress with sprint intervals. You’ll increase in effort and time during these intervals, with recovery in between. During your active recovery, you’ll work at a higher resistance. Focus on pushing during sprints and maintaining your pace during endurance recoveries. You’ll work your glutes and your hamstrings.

90s Steps with Jessica M.
Intervals: You’ll work through intervals in this class. Each song will have a different focus and you’ll have every other song for recovery. Your highest resistance will be 4.0 and your highest incline will be 5.0. This is a great workout for building confidence and getting in a great workout on a busy day. Work to a ’90s throwback playlist.

Indoor Cycling

Smooth Circles with Ed H.
Intervals: This is a criss-cross threshold ride. You’ll work in zones 1, 2, and 3 and perform tempo work both in and out of the saddle. Make sure your form is aligned as you build strength and stamina.

Breakaway Rider with Ed H.
Intervals: This foundational workout is designed for the novice rider to help develop form, build endurance, and improve upon applying power into the pedals.

Great Day to Ride with Jessica M.
Intervals: In this beat-based ride, you’ll cycle through eight songs, working on pushes in and out of the saddle, tapbacks, hill climbs, jogs, sprints, and more. You’ll end with a cooldown stretch.

Intensity Defined with Katie H.
Intervals: This class is all about figuring out what intensity means to you. You’ll have three challenges and three ways to explore what various intensities feel like. You’ll ride in and out of the saddle. Get ready to really sweat to a playlist of indie pop hits.

Hilly Ride with Katie H.
Hills: You’ll have three hills to cycle through in this workout, each one longer than the next. You’ll have chances to recover in between. Set a goal for this workout, conquer it, then see if you can beat it next time around.

Sweat Cycle with Katie H.
Endurance: You’ll start with a quick warm-up, then work at hard and breathless intensities for the majority of this class. This is a great way to fit in a workout on a busy day, to blow off some steam, or to amp up energy levels.

It’s All You with Rochelle M.
HIIT: Each song brings a new challenge in this challenging and dynamic cycling ride. You’ll work in three positions through various speed, resistance, and duration challenges to test your stamina and mental toughness.


Humble Warriors with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This class aims to release all the tension in your shoulders. You’ll flow fast, generating heat for 30 minutes of work.

Finding Balance with Jess R.
Vinyasa Flow: Focus on balance, aligning both sides of the body and the brain. Use these 20 minutes to pay attention to your sense of self as you flow.

All In Alignment with Jess R.
Vinyasa Flow: This advanced flow is focused on alignment. Try to align your body within each posture, letting your breath flow fully and naturally.

A Flow of Possibility with Nicole M.
Vinyasa Flow: This beginner’s yoga class is focused on the back and hips. Learn about the founding structures of yoga and flow to a heightened sense of self-awareness.


Peace and Gratitude with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Quiet your mind and find peace in your heart during this seated meditation. The focus of this meditation is gratitude.

Sound Sleep with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: This yoga nidra aims to help you fall fast asleep. Find stillness and completely relax into your pose as you listen to tranquil, sleep-inducing music.

Totally Present with Jess R.
Guided Meditation: Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Let your mind settle as you dive a little deeper into your sense of self.

Light-Stitched with Nicole M.
Guided Meditation: Take a few breaths to settle into yourself and your present moment. Let the world around you fade away as you show up for yourself and let some light in with this meditation.

Stair Climber

All About Progression with Jenn G.
Intervals: You’ll start with a 3-minute warm-up, and then work through a progressive and multidirectional hill climb. The highest level for this workout will be 14.0. You’ll have 30 seconds of recovery after every interval. As always, make sure your form stays consistent.

Outdoor Running

It’s the ‘80s Baby with John T.
Walk + Jog: You’ll walk, jog, and sprint to a collection of ’80s classic hits. There are 11 songs on the playlist and each song has a different challenge. You’ll walk to the beat, sprint, tempo run, and more to improve your mental toughness and cardiovascular strength.

Speed Endurance Training with Meghan T.
Speed Work: This class is broken into three parts. Part one will be a dynamic warm-up. Part two will be five rounds of a 3-minute tempo run, alternating with a minute of light jogging. Part three will focus on strength, with moves including push-ups, high knees into burpees, and air squats. This is a great class for athletes who want to increase their overall running efficiency and improve their speed.

Test Your Mile with Rachel M.
Endurance: You’ll test your mile today. Start with a 2-minute stretch, run a mile, walk for recovery, and then run another mile, aiming to pick up your pace just a little bit. Focus on your mindset and building your mental toughness as you run.

Work It Out with Wes P.
Intervals: This intermediate outdoor run replicates a track workout. You’ll start with a dynamic warm-up, then work through intervals at various speeds on a flat road.

Hold It Steady with Wes P.
Intervals: In this advanced run, you’ll start with 3 minutes of easy jogging drills, followed by a quick recovery. Then, move into the main set of the workout and run at your threshold pace for 10 minutes without stopping. Pay attention to your breath and your form as you run.

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