Workouts That Will Push You to the Next Level

All of that hustle is paying off!

Welcome to the intermediate club! If you’ve been logging beginner-focused workouts regularly, try Coach Jessica’s “Beginner No More” class. This workout is a great way to transition to the next level up, and it’s part of the new batch of classes released on Aaptiv this week.

Also on tap for your week of workouts includes an amazing strength workout with Coach Kelly called Push-Ups+. This class focuses on strengthening the muscles of your upper body featuring fun variations of the classic push-up exercise. Then, log some cardio with Coach Jaime’s Team Body Band Cardio elliptical workout featuring hits from your favorite (current and past) boy bands.

Lastly, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors with a brand new boot camp class from Amanda that was made for your local park, beach, or your own backyard.

Find a new favorite workout below, and let’s get training!


Speed For 30 with Candice Cunningham
Intermediate Speed Intervals: Ditch the easy and embrace the challenge. Just beyond your comfort zone is where the magic happens, and this class will have you pushing harder than you normally would at certain resistance levels.

Climb For The Boost with Jaime McFaden
Intermediate Interval Climb: Tackle a new challenge with this progressive hill class. You’ll feel the burn in your legs as you climb those hills—but remember, your goal is progress, not perfection.

Team Boy Band Cardio with Jaime McFaden
Advanced Sprints + Resistance: This fun cardio session is both low-impact and high-intensity, and features a fun playlist with all of your favorite boy band hits.

7 Minute Quick Hits

Cardio Home Run with Mike Septh
Advanced Bodyweight Cardio: Push the tempo in this quick, efficient, cardio-focused class. You’ll do a three-move circuit a total of three times without rest. Push hard, pick up the speed, and keep good form!

Body Jams with Jennifer Giamo
Intermediate Themed Full Body + Core: King of pop or king of planks? This bodyweight workout hits every major muscle while placing extra attention on your core.

Rock ‘N Sprint Challenge with Ben Green
Advanced Sprints: Get ready to sprint past your limits with this short and sweaty running challenge. By the end you’ll be breathless, but also stronger and faster!

Core And Arms Mega Burner with Jessica Muenster
Advanced Core + Arms: This quick routine and dance pop playlist will get your heart rate up while working your triceps, shoulders, and abs. Try to do as many reps (with good form) as possible during each timed interval.

Planks To The Abs Degree with Candice Cunningham
Advanced Plank Challenge: Supercharge your plank routine with this quick abs burner. It features 60-second rounds of various plank variations set to a hip-hop playlist. See how long you can stick with it!

Hit Each Speed with Meghan Takacs
Intermediate Speed: Your goal is to stick with the prescribed speeds (which get progressively faster). You only do the circuit once so don’t hold back!

Stair Climbing

Add It On Option with Jennifer Giamo
Advanced HIIT: Keep up the intensity for 10 minutes during this multidirectional class that features top pop artists. Press play when you’re short on time, or stack this class to your favorite Aaptiv workout for an extra challenge.

Indoor Cycling

Welcome To HIITville with Ed Hall
Advanced HIIT: This class will challenge even the most experienced riders by focusing on high-intensity pushes with minimal rest. Find your inner strength and commit to making these 30 minutes your best yet.

Beginner Endurance Sweat with Kelly Chase
Beginner Endurance: If you’re new to indoor cycling classes this workout is a perfect place to start. During this fun and sweaty class you’ll receive an overview on proper form and technique while keeping the resistance at light to moderate levels.

‘Bata Boom with Ben Green
Intermediate Sprints: This class is all about Tabata sprints! That means you’ll be pushing as fast as you can for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. By the end you’ll be feeling energized and ready to tackle your day!


Playlist Incline with Rochelle Baxter
Beginner Walking Incline Intervals: Walking on steep inclines will help spike your heart rate while building endurance and lower-body strength. You’ll increase the incline a little bit every time the song changes until you hit a peak incline of 8.0.

Coach’s Fave with Meghan Takacs
Advanced Running + Strength: This is Coach Meghan’s favorite type of workout. This class will help you become a more efficient runner and put you on track to set a new personal record.

Hustle Baby Hustle with Meghan Takacs
Advanced HIIT: Sprints are great, but how long can you keep the pace? Coach Meghan takes you through this important running class that interchanges between longer tempo pushes and shorter sprints.

Beginner No More with Jessica Muenster
Intermediate Intervals: You rock! The best way to celebrate the transition from beginner to intermediate is with a fun workout! This class will have you feeling comfortable and confident at a new level. Remember: You can always adjust the treadmill speed as needed.

Intervals On Repeat with Candice Cunningham
Intermediate Jog + Run Intervals: You’ll repeat jog-to-run intervals and the incline will increase three times throughout class. This workout is great if you’re looking for a cardio challenge.

Tread Rock Journey with Ed Hall
Beginner Intervals: Add some cardio to your week with this fun and nostalgic 70’s rock themed class. Jog during the intervals of work and catch your breath during the walking recovery periods.

Outdoor Running and Walking

Free To Be The Greatest with Rochelle Baxter
Intermediate Themed Intervals: This outdoor class is perfect for summertime! You’ll do a little walking, a little jogging, and then you’ll finish with sprints. You’re going to feel unstoppable thanks to this pop remix themed playlist featuring tracks from an Aussie singer known for rocking a black and white wig and swinging from chandeliers.

Country Surge with Ben Green
Advanced Themed Intervals: Practice continuous intervals (alternating periods of fast and slow running) in this all country music class. Use big objects or landmarks, set them as a finish line, then sprint to them!

Strength Training

Outdoor Bodyweight Bootcamp with Amanda Murdock
At the beach, in the park, in your backyard! Get sweaty in the sunshine with this energizing outdoor bootcamp class. Five sets of exercises are timed perfectly to the soundtrack, so when the song switches, so will your tone target.

Push-Ups+ with Kelly Chase
Intermediate Upper Body: No boring push-ups here! This class features variations on that classic move—including a Cobra push-up. Before the workout ends you’ll also do a few planks and triceps dips.

Body15 Weights with Sultan Malik
Advanced Full Body + Weights: Grab a set of dumbbells to increase the challenge of this full-body workout. The goal is to do 10 reps of each exercise, including hammer curls and bent-over rows, in a set amount of time.

All The Planks, All The Squats with Sultan Malik
Intermediate Lower Body + Core: Think you’ve done every type of squat there is? Think again! Coach Sultan takes you through a bodyweight routine that will challenge your butt, legs, and core.

New Moves Blast with Sultan Malik
Beginner Full Body: Lateral lunges, narrow push-ups, and plank jacks galore! Even if these exercises don’t sound familiar, Coach Sultan will have you feeling strong and confident during each and every movement.

Dumbbell Directions with Mike Septh
Intermediate Upper Body + Weights: This class will help take your strength routine to the next level. The dumbbells add an extra challenge to exercises you’ve done before and allow you to add resistance to effective back-strengthening moves like a unilateral row.


90’s Power Flow with Amanda Murdock
Advanced Power Vinyasa: Skip a training session? As if! This 90’s themed yoga class is focuses on building strength and endurance with moving through heart-opening poses.

Chill Vibes, Evening Stretches with Amanda Murdock
All Levels Stretching: Unwind from a stressful day and release tension in your hip flexors and hamstrings with this slow chill session and playlist. You’ll head to bed feeling relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

* We are always working to improve the Aaptiv experience – which includes adding new content and replacing older content. If you don’t see a class you’re interested in, please reach out to for recommendations!



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