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4 Ways to Make the Gym Effective for You

Get the most out of every gym workout.

How to Overcome Gym Intimidation

Anxious about stepping into the gym? Here’s how to get past the road blocks in your way.

All the Reasons You Should Join a Gym Today

Convinced you don’t need the gym? Think again.

What’s the Deal With Weight Fluctuations?

Sometimes the scale isn’t being completely honest with you.

4 Stair Climber Benefits Beyond a Sculpted Backside

We love the stair climber for its toning effects, but that’s not all the machine has to offer.

10 Fall Cookbooks You’ll Want to Savor This Season

Delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare? These fall cookbooks have what it takes to keep you on track, from Halloween to Thanksgiving and beyond.

How Many Steps Count as a Floor?—and Answers to All Your Other Stair Climber Questions

There are no silly questions, especially when it comes to this sometimes confusing cardio machine.

Why Do We Love a 30 Minute Workout So Much?

Anything less feels like a waste of time. Anything more feels intense. What is it about a half hour workout?

Your Complete Guide to Running Vocabulary

Running is straightforward, the vocab sometimes isn’t.

What Actually Happens to Our Bodies When We Skip the Gym?

Experts explain the physical and mental effects of a fitness break.

How Sore Is Too Sore?—and Answers to All Your Other Muscle Soreness Q’s

Less groaning in agony, more stretching and epsom baths.

The Best Foods for Runners, According to a Dietitian

From quick sprints to lengthy marathons, a dietitian breaks down the best foods for runners to achieve optimal performance with every stride.


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