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All the Reasons You Should Join a Gym Today

Convinced you don’t need the gym? Think again.

For some, going to the gym fits as seamlessly into their routines as brushing teeth or making breakfast. For others, not so much. Sure, there are plenty of ways to get an effective workout without a gym, such as outdoor running, body weight routines, and at-home yoga, to name a few. But joining a gym comes with a slew of benefits, too. In fact, gym memberships give you 14 times higher odds of meeting the weekly physical activity guidelines. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are seven more reasons to join a gym today.

Enhanced Aaptiv Experience

Chances are you already have the best gym companion around: Aaptiv. With classes that vary as much as the equipment you’ll find in the weight room, the audio app was basically made to make your gym experience better. There’s no need to book any classes and no chance of getting on a machine only to aimlessly pedal or step your way through 30 minutes of blah.

If you avoid the gym because you’re unsure what to do when you’re there or because of general nerves (totally common and normal, by the way), Aaptiv takes all of that guesswork out of the equation. With fun audio workout classes for every cardio machine, the weight rack, and even the abdominal and stretching mats, you’ll be focused and motivated every time you hit the gym.

Diverse Equipment

Access to a gym provides ample opportunity to try out and use any and all of the equipment. Unless you have a home gym packed to the gills with cardio and strength training equipment, you’re bound to open up your workout world to a bit more diversity at a regular gym.

In most cases, the cost of the necessary equipment far outweighs that of a monthly gym membership. Plus, what if you decide to switch up your running routine with some cross-training on the elliptical or stair climber? The gym allows you to test-run various machines and exercise styles. You can balance your fitness routine and maybe even discover a type of workout you didn’t know you loved.

Fun Classes

Beyond the basic cardio and strength training equipment, many gyms offer an entire calendar of top tier workout classes that are free for you to join with your membership. While we know you can practice yoga solo (“Refine Your Flow”, anyone?), and only need some encouraging words to cycle your heart out (as in “Feel Good Formula”), sometimes being surrounded by a group of gym-goers with common goals—like getting up that hill—is exciting and refreshing. We can’t always go it alone and gym classes are the perfect opportunity to feed off of others’ energies.


That energy extends outside of those classes, too. Your fellow gym-goers alone are reasons to join a gym. While everyone’s fitness goals are specific and personal to them, you can bet that everyone inside the gym walls has a larger goal of being healthy. That energy makes for a positive, encouraging daily workout experience.

We understand that the crowd can be intimidating at first glance, but spend five minutes inside and you’ll likely find yourself inspired and maybe even assisted by your fellow members. From “working in” (using a machine during someone’s break and vice versa) to asking others for help, the acquaintanceships you make can be as addicting as those post-workout feelings. Maybe you’ll even find a gym buddy to do Aaptiv workouts with!

On-hand Professionals

While you’re at it, take advantage of the hand full of professionals you have on deck all around you. From the moment you step inside, you’re greeted by one of the many workers that could potentially help you with any problems you come across. The gym staff isn’t just there to stand behind the desk or wipe down some machines. In fact, many gym workers have certified backgrounds in fitness. Approach one of them if you encounter any machine issues, get confused walking around, or even need a workout recommendation. These people are here to keep you safe and make your gym experience better.

Stress Relief

Ever hear someone refer to going to the gym as a therapy session? They weren’t kidding. Besides the physical reasons to join a gym, mental health and stress relief are major benefits, too. Many people consider the gym a sanctuary where it’s totally acceptable and encouraged to fully focus on yourself. From minimal phone usage (an unspoken rule of sorts) to on-site daycare (call your local gyms to see if they offer this service), the gym is an easy excuse for “me time.” Difficult day at the office? Need an escape from the kids for a couple hours? No problem. This place is meant for exclusively working on yourself. No exceptions.

Reinforced Routine

After a long day at work or school it can be terribly difficult to get home and workout. Sometimes (okay, most times) plopping down on the couch and dismissing any form of exercise is far too tempting, especially when your phone, television, or family is right there. If, instead, you repeatedly head straight to the gym from work/class, you’re more likely to incorporate fitness into your daily routine. Once you’re there it’s highly unlikely you’ll back out.

In addition to all these reasons to join a gym, you’ll never have to worry about the weather messing up your workout plans. You’ll always have access to perfect indoor conditions for a sweat sesh. No slipping, freezing, or heat exhaustion here. What are you waiting for?

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