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The Best Workout for You Based on Your Personality

Turns out how you're wired has an impact on your exercise.

When you find the perfect workout, you can’t wait to meet up with your yoga mat, lace up your running shoes, or grab a set of weights for a sweaty strength session. Staying committed to exercise makes you feel like the best version of yourself, and every time you move your body, you’re fired up and energized. That’s probably because you’ve chosen a type of fitness that suits your style, and studies show that how you’re wired can impact how you approach exercise, as a whole.

But if you’ve lost that loving feeling toward your workouts, don’t worry—we’re here to help. Fitness expert Meghan Takacs and Aaptiv trainer Jaime McFaden share their advice about the best workout based on your personality (and why you might need to do the opposite, once in awhile).

If you love being “crazy busy.”

Life happens, right? That’s why on-demand workouts with Aaptiv cater to anyone with an unpredictable or relentless schedule. Fit in exercise wherever you can, and look for short, yet sweet formats that fit your go-go-go lifestyle.

If you prefer exercising with a friend.

Own your social side. It’s easy to do on an outdoor run or during a cycling class. Schedule a date with your favorite buddy and hit up the gym to motivate one another all throughout an elliptical or treadmill workout.

If you crave a little “me” time every day.

Yoga, meditation, and solo runs are perfect for introverts who need a little quiet reflection time to stay focused and present.

If you’re a creative multi-tasker at heart.

“Try all types of classes to jump out of your comfort zone,” says McFaden. Takacs also recommends HIIT running, circuit strength training, and “variation, variation, variation” so you don’t get bored.

In case you didn’t already know, Aaptiv offers classes in HIIT running, yoga, meditation, elliptical workouts, outdoor runs, treadmill workouts, and so much more.

If you like accountability and structure.

Type-A personalities might want to explore interval workouts or anything pre-planned with lots of structure—however, McFaden suggests also finding a challenge through something loose and creative, like dance.

If you struggle with procrastination.

Both trainers agree: lean on the Aaptiv community! “Follow Aaptiv on Facebook to stay inspired at work all day, then crush it at night,” says Takacs.

If you’re usually up at the crack of dawn.

“Get it in first thing in the morning, like a killer outdoor class when the sun comes up, and be sure to change up your routine, recommends McFaden. Another option? Half running, half strength, since Takacs says, “Running wakes you up, and strength makes you feel like a badass.”

If you’re a night owl.

“Mix up your workouts because you can’t be a night owl every night,” says Takacs. “Sleep is imperative to your success—if you don’t get a lot of sleep one night, because you got up super early that morning, you will crash that night, but then wake up and crush the next day’s workout because of all the sleep you got” she adds. But if you really like to close out your day with exercise, McFaden says it’s okay to hit the gym after work, and make it fun to ease your mind from daily stress.

Remember to stay balanced.

“I gravitate towards high intensity, shorter duration styles of workouts,” says McFaden. “I am a go-getter and like to hit it hard in the gym and really feel the sweat dripping down my face. But I know that balance is essential for overall health, so I incorporate yoga and meditation with my HIIT training.”

Takacs also notes that there’s a big difference between being sore and not wanting to workout, which is why it’s important to understand what your body is asking for, versus going hard every single day. She often schedules workouts to assess what she needs that particular week, based on how she’s feeling and what’s on her calendar. For example, Sunday might involve a long run to clear her head, but then Takacs will skip active movement on Monday, add speed work on Tuesday, cross-train on Wednesday for strength, incorporate a short run on Thursday, and finish up with a rest day on Friday or Saturday to check in with her body and mind.

“I think it’s important, and not to mention, critical for success, to vary your workouts,” recommends Takacs. “It’s important to channel all emotions into workouts, and it’s also important to differentiate those emotions, or moods, with corresponding workouts.” She says, “I don’t always do a good job with this, but I have learned [that] if I train appropriately and program my weeks right, my body always asks for what it wants.”

With classes in strength and cardio categories, as well as recovery categories, Aaptiv can help you train and recover.

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