Meg Takacs

An accomplished competitive runner, Meg utilizes her highly-technical training style to guide runners of all levels to achieve new milestones.

Articles featuring Meg Takacs

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Runners

Take your runs to the next level with these seven tips.

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Drinking too much is no longer an excuse for skipping a workout.

Why We Run: Global Running Day

Celebrate Global Running day by telling us what drives you to run and reading through these inspiring thoughts from fellow runners.

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Running in the summer doesn't have to be miserable.

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Nothing is more annoying than side stitches on a long run. Here's how to fix them.

10 Things Trainers Wish You Knew

Basically, how to help trainers help you succeed.

How to Get the Most Out of Every Run

Exactly what to do before, during, and after each run to make it count.

How to Use Breathwork to Relieve Holiday Stress

It's the most chaotic time of the year!

The Best Workout for You Based on Your Personality

Turns out how you're wired has an impact on your exercise.

5 Things Runners Should Know Before The First Race

You’ve signed up for a race; here’s what’s next.

10 Tips for Staying Safe While Running in the Dark

Pound the pavement—the safe way.


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