What You Wear in the Gym Really Matters – Here’s Why

Getting down to the gym is a weekly or even daily occurrence for many of us. What do you wear when you go to the gym? Do you prioritize fashion, function, or comfort? Some train in their old t-shirts and shorts, or their favorite sports team’s gear. Some even dress to impress whilst training at their local gym. But, there is more to just looking good at the gym, read on to find out why what you wear in the gym really does matter.

Feeling Good

This may seem like the most obvious point: you want to feel good while you’re in the gym! What you wear can have a huge impact on how you’re feeling. The experts over at say “the way you feel affects the way you train” and we couldn’t agree more. Think about it, if you feel very uncomfortable in your new shorts, sports bra, or tank top, you aren’t going to feel comfortable with all the movements of the gym. The last thing you need is to try and start a workout whilst feeling uneasy about your clothes.

At the same time, you probably want to feel like you look great! Adding a bit of style to your workout gear can boost confidence. Having a high level of confidence when you are trying new exercises or working out in an extremely crowded space can be a real game-changer. Walk into the gym with your head held high and know that you’re going to absolutely crush your workout. You’ll be sure to work harder if you feel and look great.

Preventing Injury

We’ve discussed how you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in the gym, but this feeling can also lead to injury or accidents. If something you’re wearing is too tight, you will feel restricted. If your body feels restricted, you may move differently or awkwardly, which is not the way to move whilst exercising. You need to feel comfortable enough to lift properly, run properly, and generally move correctly for each exercise.

On the flip side, some items of training gear are specifically designed to prevent injury. You may have compression clothes designed to help with strains, this can be great for weight lifting or cardio. There are of course also items specifically designed to prevent overheating, which is perfect for those super intense workouts. Consider also extra support for your joints or feet when doing high-impact exercise.

Improving Performance

As well as being designed to keep you comfortable and safe whilst exercising, gym gears are actually designed to boost your performance whilst training. Proper gym clothes are high-quality fabrics designed for performance. They work with your body to keep your temperature regulated, as well as helping you deal with the rigorous strain of a workout. Most are also designed to help absorb sweat and keep you feeling dry and strong, thus also preventing any blisters or chafing. Once again, comfort is key here. Feeling comfortable and strong in your clothes will definitely boost your energy level and performance.

What Not to Wear

When considering why gym gear matters, we should also consider what you shouldn’t wear, and why. There are a few standard wardrobe items covered in this list that you may not have considered.

So there we have covered some definite dos and don’ts of what you should wear to the gym and why it really matters. If you have been feeling uncomfortable at the gym, or simply want to up your style game whilst keeping it safe and practical, we hope this advice has been a great deal of help. Good luck and enjoy your training in your new gear!

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