Unconventional Couple’s Workouts You Should Try With Your Partner

Letting your partner motivate you and keep you accountable—and vice versa—can also bring you closer together.

Chances are, you do a lot with your significant other. But if couple’s workouts aren’t on the list, you might want to rethink why. After all, there are countless benefits, both for you as individuals and for you as a romantic couple.

For starters, having a workout buddy for couple’s workouts, even one who is not your partner, increases your accountability. It gives you someone else besides yourself to remind you about your workouts, help encourage you to roll out of bed when all you want to do is snooze and talk you through your couple’s workouts when they get tough. “It’s very easy to skip a workout if you only have to answer to yourself, especially if you’re having a bad day or feeling unmotivated,” explains Stephanie George, certified yoga instructor and personal trainer.

Letting your partner motivate you and keep you accountable—and vice versa—can also bring you closer together, George notes. “Cheering each other on builds trust, creates support which are the foundation of any relationship and also helps to build your self confidence,” she says.

If nothing else, there’s no denying that the two of you will experience a boost in your overall health and wellness by working out together. “If you’re serious about doing life together you need the energy, endurance and personal power that comes from having a healthy body and mind,” says Jordan Hosbein, NASM-certified personal trainer and owner of Iron and Grit. “These keep you primed and ready for adventure and, on the flip side, prepared to handle the tough times we all go through as you grow together.”

Sometimes, of course, one partner is a bit (or a lot) more motivated than the other to workout. This is understandable—and expected, according to Hosbein. The first thing he recommends is to talk about it and see if you can find the reason for the lack of motivation. Also, encourage your partner to join you for couple’s workouts. “Let them in your world and do your best to make sure it’s a good experience for them,” he says. “If that doesn’t work, try something new together—after all, not everyone likes lifting weights or running all the time.” The goal is to find something you both enjoy doing, he adds.

Here, fitness pros share the couple’s workouts they recommend to their clients—and how to pull each one off with success.

Strength and Conditioning

Weights might not be your thing—or your partner’s—but strength training is one of the best things you can do for your health. In fact, research shows that strength training can help burn abdominal fat, which can, in turn, reduce your risk for a myriad of diseases, including diabetes and cancer.

Hosbein suggests starting with simple pushups with your partner on your back, squat back-to-back, or you holding your partner’s ankles while they do sit-ups. “The point is to be creative, have fun, and get into a rhythm together—and you should always experiment with new ways to challenge yourselves.”


Yoga might seem like a one-person activity, even if performed in a class, however, there are many ways to incorporate it into couple’s workouts. “Stretching, lifting and holding your partner in mid-air are great ways to get connected to each other and get to know each other on a different level,” says Hosbein. “A classic move here would be to lay on your back and stick your legs straight up; then help your partner lay across your feet like they are flying through the air.”

Kettlebell workouts

Working with kettlebells is as much about skill as about strength, according to Marvin Nixon, a health coach and personal trainer. “A couple can develop and practice a kettlebell flow together and then the individual can choose the right bell that fits their skill and needs,” he says. “Working out with kettlebells together can lead to a joint sense of accomplishment while addressing differing goals.”


No matter the season, swimming is one of the best workouts and couple’s workouts—and it’s also a lot of fun when you’re doing it with your partner. If you’re looking for low-impact exercises that are out-of-the-box and exciting, swimming is at the top, notes George. “Swimming engages most major muscles of the body, you can even channel your inner child and challenge your partner to a race,” she says.



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