Strong Stretched Legs and Other New Classes Live Now!

New week, new workouts.

Swing into a brand new week of workouts with Push It Real Good, a strength class with Aaptiv trainer Kenta Seki, or stretch out your legs with Strong Stretched Legs, a yoga class with Aaptiv trainer Jade Alexis.

Strength Training

Full Body Strength with Ackeem E. 
Full Body + Dumbbells: For this workout, you’ll need a set of dumbbells. You’ll start with a bodyweight warmup and move into 4 rounds of dumbbell burpees, kneel to squat and presses, glute bridge holds with a chest press, Russian twists, and forearm planks.

Mama Floor Core with Jaime M. 
Core: This core-focused workout is ideal for new moms in their 4th trimester. These movements provide a gentle, safe way to sharpen core awareness. You’ll start with a belly breathing, move through two core circuits, and finish up with side planks.

Nap Time Workout with Jaime M. 
Full Body + Dumbbells: This full body strength workout is great for new moms in their 4th trimester looking to fit in a workout while their babies are napping. It checks off cardio and full body strength work, all in less than 25 minutes.

Holy Hamstrings with Kenta S. 
Full Body + Dumbbells: This dumbbell workout will have you screaming holy hamstrings during—and well after—the workout. Work through strength movements, such as deadlifts and single-leg bridges, cardio, and core. The focus of this may be your hamstrings, but you’ll get a full body workout in less than 30 minutes with this class!

Push It Real Good with Kenta S. 
Full Body + Dumbbells: This is full body, dumbbell workout. All the movements will be focused on the “push” action, hitting all your favorite muscle groups: chest, shoulders, triceps, quads, glutes and calves. You’ll have two exercises per muscle group, with three sets for each. You’ll increase your weight and decrease the time with each set.

The Big Finish with Mary O. 
Core: Each track in this workout will focus on a different core exercise—with a big finish at the end! Moves include crunches, leg lifts, planks, supermans, and more, all set to the music. This class has under 15 minutes of work, so it’s great to take when you’re looking for a quick sweat sesh!

Train Your Abs with Mary O. 
Core + Dumbbells: This is an all core, all day kind of workout using dumbbells! You have six songs of work, each with two to four core exercises. This is a great workout to complement any cardio class or to take as your solo workout for the day.


Stay Ready with Ackeem E. 
Intervals: Start with an incline walk and work your way down to a series of intervals on the treadmill ranging from 30 to 60 seconds at various speeds. Stay ready in this class!

Walk with Weights 3.0 with John T. 
Walk + Incline + Dumbbells: Similar to the original “Walk with Weights” and the 2.0 version, this 3.0 version is a walking only class that incorporates small hand weights, ranging from 2.5lb to 10lb. Activate your slow-twitch muscle fibers with bicep curls, strengthen your shoulders, and finish fast with one song of boxing! In between those weighted songs, you’ll walk with high inclines.

Indoor Cycling

Cycle Choreography 3.0 with John T. 
Intervals: This class takes the original Cycle Choreography, and the 2.0 version, to a whole new level! Dance on the beat with elbow drops, tap backs, and traveling patterns, then push past the beat with tabata intervals in the saddle.

Get Busy with Katie H. 
Intervals: Focus on putting out the best work possible and make the most of the time you have! You’ve got three rounds of two songs, each round working specific intensity intervals. In the first song, you’ll alternate between easy and moderate intensity. In the second, you’ll alternate between hard and breathless. Breathe deep and commit to the moment!

Magic-8 Hills with Katie H. 
Endurance: Test your endurance in this roller coaster of a ride! Each round of this class includes a chance to reset your mind, rev up your body, and roll through an 8-minute hill. Ride on the beat, dance on the drops, and dig into your most powerful work of the day.


Head-Bangers N’ Beats with Katie H. 
Intervals: In this 25-minute interval class, you’ll have three sets of two songs to work, sweat, and dance to. In the first “beat” song, you’ll build intensity with your resistance while you groove to the steady beat. In the second “banger” song, you’ll work breathless intervals while you get lost in the music.

Progressive Ellipti-Hills with Katie H. 
Endurance: This sweat sesh is all about building endurance and progressive work! After a warm up that’ll touch upon all intensity levels, you’ll work your way through four “ellipti-hills.” With these, you’ll have stretches of building resistance on an increased incline. Each ellipti-hill is one minute longer than the last. You’ll get specific resistance and incline ranges to work with, but the real changes will come only when you find what’s right for you.


Cardio Cool Down with Kenta S. 
Full Body: This is the quintessential cardio cool down. Take this dynamic stretch after a cardio workout to restore your muscles and reset your mind.


Sun Salutation B with Ceasar B. 
Vinyasa: This class focuses on learning the basic fundamentals of Sun Salutation B. You’ll learn the breath and movement cues for the flow, then move into a series of backbends to finish. The poses in this class are warrior I, chair, down dog split, tiger, forward fold, reverse table, and reverse plank.

Be a Warrior Part I with Ceasar B. 
Vinyasa: This flow focuses on the warrior poses. You’ll learn the breath, the movement, and the posture, as well as how to transition from one pose to the next. This is an excellent refresher for those coming back to their practice. This poses in this class are warrior I, warrior II, reverse warrior, side angle, dolphin, hero’s pose, camel, locust, and bow.

Be a Warrior Part II with Ceasar B. 
Vinyasa: This is a follow up for “Be Warrior Part 1.” The flow focuses on the warrior poses and the transitions between each. The poses in this class are the same as they were for Part 1, so use this class as way to measure your progress.

The Basics of Sun A with Jess R. 
Vinyasa: This is an ideal class for any and all yogis looking to learn and refine the basics of Sun Salutation A. Poses include mountain, standing forward folds, upward facing dog, down dog, supine twist, and more. Flow through the sequence to open up your body and your heart.

Neutral Hips & Twists Part 1 with Jess R. 
Vinyasa: In this practice you will refine and learn the essentials of common standing neutral hip poses. You’ll flow through sun salutation c, crescent lunge, twisting chair, warrior III, standing splits, revolved half moon, wheel, and more.

Strong Stretched Legs with Jade A. 
Vinyasa: Move through sun salutation c (moon salutation) to increase your energy and vitality. This flow has a heavy emphasis on forward folding, using gravity to facilitate the stretching of your spine and the backs of your legs. Postures include tadasana, low lunge, side lunge, wide-leg forward folds, yogi squat, and more.

Heavenly Hips with Jade A. 
Yin Yoga: This yin practice releases tension from your hips and simultaneously clears space in your mind. You’ll hold the postures for longer periods of time, allowing for a lasting and deeper release of tension. This flow is perfect to take at the end of your day or post workout. Poses include child’s pose, lizard, pigeon, cow, yogi squat, and more.

Foundational Intro Poses with Nicole S. 
Vinyasa: In this class, you’ll build the foundational shapes such as cobra, plank, downward facing dog, and bridge. You’ll move intentionally and slowly and create space and freedom in your body.

Stand, Balance, and Bind with Nicole S. 
Vinyasa: In this class, you’ll build on standing balancing poses including triangle, tree, and even king dancer pose, as well as externally rotated poses such as side angle, bird of paradise, and half moon. This class may only be 30 minutes in length, but it covers a great deal of postures.

15-Minute Fire Flow with Nicole S. 
Vinyasa: This brief yoga flow will build heat until the very end. This class moves with rhythm and ends with 2 minutes of seated stillness. Flow through down dog, sky diver, child’s pose, reverse tabletop, forward fold, and more.

Outdoor Running

Save the Best for Last with Raj H. 
Intervals: The interval run begins with a 4-minute warmup, followed by 5 interval blocks that decrease in time from 5 minutes to 2 minutes—saving the best for last.

Endurance Beat with Rochelle M. 
Endurance: Maintain a conversational pace for 40 minutes to build stamina and endurance.

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