Stay Fit While On The Go

Even though most of the people nowadays are trying their best to be fit, more often than not, for most people, trying to stay fit is a chore. Although once you’ve gotten the hang of it in a month or so, it’s easy to fall into the routine of hitting the gym or working out in your own home.

However, when something disrupts your routine, like when you have to leave town for travel, it’s hard to keep yourself in line with your routine. Oh sure, your ideas to stay fit while traveling may be as simple as just doing the exact same routine that you do at home and, presto! You’re suddenly working out and its like you never left home. The reality of the situation, however, is a bit more complicated than that.

After all, regardless of why you’re traveling, be it for vacation or business, your normal routine has likely been smashed to pieces. You may all of a sudden find yourself without time or access to your normal work out equipment and keeping fit has suddenly become a lot harder.

Well, with this, you won’t end up squandering even more of your already broken schedule trying to figure out how to stay fit. You can just consult this guide for inspiration on how you can keep in shape without having to compromise any of the important time that you’ve dedicated to your travels.

The great thing about Aaptiv is that you can take it wherever you go, just download your favorite workouts and press play! 

1. Rework Your Regimen

One thing that you can do to ensure that you can still get in a proper workout is to cut back on your regimen. As we’ve touched upon previously, you’re likely not going to be able to commit to your full work out in its entirety anyway due to scheduling conflicts.

Even if you were able to pull off what you have planned for your day while traveling and your regular workout, you would run the risk of burning yourself out. As the saying goes, “Something is better than nothing.” Keep that in mind and you should still be able to have a fulfilling workout.

2. Do Proper Research

As with almost everything else in life, finding out if there is anywhere you can get in a proper workout near your business/vacation spot isn’t just going to fall from the sky.

Before you go off to your destination, do some research to see if your hotel has any type of fitness class or gym. You can also scope out the areas surrounding the hotel for good workout facilities or check any nearby parks for jogging trails.

3. Walk, Don’t Drive

If you’ve traveled somewhere where everything is in walking distance, then do exactly that, walk. People tend to underestimate the benefits that walking can bring and it’s rather unfortunate because it’s a pretty simple way to stay in shape. Walking can, in fact, help you trim your waistline, it can make your bones and muscles stronger, and you can achieve better coordination and balance.

There are too many perks that come from this exercise for you to waste gas by trying to get somewhere that’s just down the street from your hotel. You can use this as a means to sightsee and burn some calories at the same time.

4. Pack Your Gear

There’s plenty of workout gear that you can squeeze into a suitcase. Pack a resistance band if you’re looking to get in some upper and lower body strength training.

A neck pillow can come in handy on the trip to your destination and can also be placed under your lower back to make crunches a bit more challenging.

If you want to do some yoga, but find your mat to be cumbersome and a pain to have to cart around with you then consider packing some yoga gloves and socks. They’re made to grip the ground and will allow you to stay in place.

5. Go Swimming

If you’re at a hotel with a pool, near the ocean, by a river or lake, then you probably have an opportunity to take a nice swim. Not only can it refresh you, but you’re guaranteed to get in some good exercise.

In fact, swimming is so good for you that it’s a simple task for us to list four reasons why you should give it a go:

Swimming is pretty much the ultimate aerobic exercise, there’s more breath control involved than when running. This means that your body will have a higher need for oxygen which means your muscles will work harder.

6. Workout In Your Hotel Room

So, let’s say that you don’t have access to a swimming pool or body of water near you and for whatever reason (such as bad weather or being too close to a dangerous neighborhood/location) you can’t go for a walk. Don’t let that discourage you, because there is always the option of working out in your hotel room.

There’s crunches, push-ups, yoga, squats, strength training, and so much more that you can do to keep in shape while you’re away and stuck in your room. It really is as simple as streaming some workouts on your phone or tablet and following the regiment that they’re using in the videos. And if you’ve neglected to bring any of your equipment, don’t worry. There is plenty that you can do that doesn’t require you needing any of your gear.

These six work out ideas are meant to work in a manner that allows you to that have your business trip or vacation while getting in a proper workout. Keep in mind that although you may not be able to do exactly what you’re used to doing at home, you can still keep fit and have fun while doing it.

It’s important to maintain a proper balance between your fitness and your travels so that you are able to achieve both without either becoming a stressful chore. That being said, happy travels and we wish you the best in incorporating these ideas into your business trip or vacation.



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