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Get Wedding-Ready With This Six-Week Workout Plan

Trainer-approved, total-body conditioning to look and feel your best.

According to the calendar, summer doesn’t begin until June 21. But, based on your jam-packed wedding schedule (and the weather), you know that summer is already here. Now, there are plenty of reasons to exercise, eat right, and get into shape—first and foremost is your health. But, knowing that you’ll be attending a slew of weddings in the near future can certainly provide some inspiration.

It’s common to feel pressure to look good and feel good when the day comes. And, that feeling doesn’t just apply to brides and grooms—it extends to the wedding party, friends, family, and everyone in attendance.

So, if you’d like to get wedding-ready this season, the Aaptiv app has everything you need, from running and HIIT to yoga and strength training.

In the meantime, to help point you in the right direction, we turned to Aaptiv Trainer John Thornhill. His six-week wedding workout plan is geared toward getting you in shape fast, while also building good habits that can last for the long-term.

Your Six-Week Wedding Workout Plan

“This plan will help you raise your resting metabolism to assist in burning calories even when you’re not working out,” says Thornhill. “It will help you build full-body strength and get you ready for wedding season.”

Below you’ll find two weeks of trainer-approved workouts that will have you working up a sweat four times each week. After completing weeks one and two, repeat two more times for a total of six weeks. When you’re finished, you’ll look good, you’ll feel good, and—as an added bonus—you’ll have some extra endurance for the dance floor.

Week 1

Monday: Cardio

Cue up John’s “Upbeat Walk & Dance” class on your app. This 22-minute beat-based, beginner incline walk will take you through a three-song circuit. It includes a progressive speed walk, an incline walk, and intervals to help you build strong legs and glutes.

Tuesday: Full-Body Strength Training

Follow the below circuit for a full-body workout that will build strength and get your heart racing. Complete one set of each exercise before moving onto the second round.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Cardio

Hop onto an elliptical machine and pull up John’s “Cardi-B Cardi-O” class. This intermediate workout increases resistance gradually with each song. Dance along to an all-Cardi B playlist as you push through sprint intervals and incline increases. Each song brings a different focus and a new challenge.

Friday: Full-Body Strength Training

Build strength in your back, legs, shoulders, and core with this four-exercise circuit that maximizes effectiveness while minimizing time.

Saturday and Sunday: Rest

Week 2

Monday: Cardio

Week two begins with the stair climber. Search “Open to New Heights” on your app, and John will lead you through a 14-minute beginner-friendly workout that will strengthen your legs and glutes while using intervals to keep your heart rate high.

Tuesday: Full-Body Strength Training

You’ve already seen this circuit from week one. In week two, you’ll get a chance to improve your form and possibly increase the weight of those dumbbells and kettlebells.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Cardio

You’re taking things outdoors with John’s “What Feels Good for You” intermediate run. In just 20 minutes you’ll be challenged to maintain a steady base pace and then pick up the tempo when the beat drops. The goal of the workout is to make you a stronger, faster runner.

Friday: Full-Body Strength Training

Once again, your week one strength-training workout carries over to week two. Try to challenge yourself by increasing weight or tempo to mix things up.

Saturday and Sunday: Rest

And there you have it: six weeks to a fitter and healthier body. Keep up the good work, and you’ll benefit long after wedding season is over.

For more exercise inspiration, search for your favorite workouts in the Aaptiv app. Whether its running indoors or outside, lifting weights, spinning, yoga, or even a little meditation for a well-earned recovery day, there’s something for everyone.

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