All New Cardio Workouts for an Extra Sweaty Summer

Run, cycle, jump, jog, and climb your way to a new personal record.

We love all of our Aaptiv classes; but we’re extra excited about this batch of new workouts available on the app today. Our coaches put in the work designing smart and fun workouts.

And, in the spirit of graduation season, we’re so proud to send each class off into the real world to see what it becomes. Maybe they’ll become speed chasers and help you set a new personal record.

Or they’ll be music masters that have you dancing while training (check out Jennifer’s It’s All About The Resistance, No Incline elliptical class for an amazing pop hits playlist). Either way, #TeamAaptiv is about to get extra sweaty—and maybe a little sore! Happy training!


Active Recovery Intervals Challenge Part 1 with Meghan Takacs
Advanced Speed + Endurance Intervals: Welcome to part one of your advanced treadmill routine. You’ll be doing 7 endurance interval sets; so settle in and get ready for a challenge. The goal is to focus on form so you can really push past your limit in part two of the routine. Advanced

Active Recovery Intervals Challenge Part 2 with Meghan Takacs
Advanced Speed + Recovery: Welcome to part two of your treadmill challenge. Your goal is to stop focusing on the clock and put thought into mindful and conscious running with proper form and controlled breathing. Advanced

Treadmill Dance Remix with Ed Hall
Beginner Intervals: Improve your stamina with this interval class that features fun dance and pop remixes and plenty of incline work. Beginner

Short But Not So Sweet with Ed Hall
Advanced Intervals: Intensity is the name of the game in this speed workout that includes incline changes and tempo drills. Advanced

Recover With Walking with Jennifer Giamo
Recovery Walk: If you’re easing into a routine after an injury (under the guidance of your doctor), or are new to treadmill walking, this easy pace classic rock class will help you find a challenge using intervals and slight inclines. All Levels

Indoor Cycling

80s Hills On Repeat with Ed Hall
Advanced Hill Repeats: Are you looking to push beyond your comfort zone? Are you ready for a challenge? This class has what you need…hills, and a lot of them! Advanced

Recovery Boost: Get Back In The Game with Ed Hall
Recovery Ride: This class is suitable for all levels and is designed to be completed within 4-24 hours after a challenging ride. This class will help you get back to training faster and minimize soreness. All Levels

Outdoor Running + Walking

Love Your Walk with Meghan Takacs
Beginner Walking: Coach Meghan loves this beginner-friendly workout that alternates between intervals of walking recovery and speed walking pushes. Each push will get a little bit longer as the class progresses. You’ll also learn how to use your core and upper body to power your walking stride. Beginner

Sprint-Free And Feeling Fast with Rochelle Baxter
Speed Intervals: Become a more efficient runner by learning how to build up your speed slowly and focus on proper form. The fun and upbeat pop playlist definitely helps, too. Intermediate

Start Your Running Journey with Candice Cunningham
New Runner: Coach Candice will keep you motivated as you start to push yourself to the next level of your fitness journey. This short class will get you jogging while listening to fun country tracks. Beginner

Stair Climbing

Cardio Climb For 12 with Erin Sanders
Beginner Climb: You might want to slow down or back off, but do your best to hang in there and stay with it! Beginner

Give It A Try with Candice Cunningham
Beginner Routine: Stair climbing routines are challenging. But, they’re a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness. This class focuses on all of the benefits of this type of workout. There’s a slow build in speed with a few rest breaks. Beginner

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy with Jennifer Giamo
Speed Intervals: No fancy footwork here. You’ll be climbing up and up while focusing on speed in this intermediate cardio class. Intermediate

Strength Training

Strong, Balanced, And Feeling The Burn with Mike Septh
Advanced Plyometrics + Balance: This hip hop class is divided into three circuits featuring moves including burpees, reverse lunges, and mountain climbers. You’ll be building full-body power while logging a serious cardio workout. Advanced

Core Work Remix with Mike Septh
Advanced Core + Back: This advanced routine includes some traditional core moves, like V-Ups, as well as new versions and challenging modifications of common exercises (such as side plank) that will take basic exercises to the next core-focused level. Advanced

Don’t Weight Another Minute with Troy Brooks
Legs + Weights: Wake up your muscles and get ready for an intense lower-body strength routine. You’ll want a set of moderate-to-heavy dumbbells nearby for this advanced strength-building routine set to hip hop tracks. Advanced

Feeling Like 100 with Sultan Malik
Arms + Abs: This class features some all-time upper-body favorites (push-ups and planks) that are extremely effective at strengthening your arms and abs. Let’s get to it! Beginner


It’s All About The Resistance, No Incline with Jennifer Giamo
Beginner HIIT: Power through this pop hits class that focuses on adding resistance without the incline. Beginner

Short On Time But Here To Sweat with Rochelle Baxter
Intermediate Speed + Hills: When you’re short on time but want to log a serious cardio workout this no-frills routine is the perfect way to maximize your time. Intermediate

Ready For Anything HIIT with Rochelle Baxter
Intermediate HIIT Intervals: Pop hits – check. Sprints, resistance, inclines – check, check, and check. Each interval will feel like a surprise so you’ll never be bored with this effective routine. Intermediate

Cardio Booty HIIT with Erin Sanders
Advanced HIIT: This cardio class is tough, but you are tougher. Coach Erin includes an extra butt-focused challenge in this class. Your goal is to move fast, keep up, and power through. Advanced

Quick Hits

Keep It Moving For 7 with Meghan Takacs
Core + Upper Body: This beginner routine is a 7-minute AMRAP that includes 5 exercises. Try to complete as many rounds as possible before time is up. Beginner

Plyo-6 with Jennifer Giamo
Full-Body Cardio: Six moves, 30 seconds, repeated a total of two times. Keep a towel nearby, you’re going to work up a serious sweat during this pop and hip hop class. Advanced

Advanced Tread 7 with Erin Sanders
Incline Challenge: Work your way up to an incline of nine while keeping a speed of 5.0 while enjoying this cool indie playlist. Advanced

Rockabye Abs with Candice Cunningham
Beginner Core: Work your core, with an extra focus on your obliques (the muscles that run along the sides of your waist), with this short, mat-based routine. Beginner


Take The Plunge with Ceasar Barajas
Intermediate Vinyasa Flow: This guided practice focuses on backbends and heart openers and will help release physical and emotional tension in the body. Intermediate

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