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Keeping Your Senior Parents Healthy Mentally And Physically

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Looking for ways to ensure your aging parents or elderly grandparents stay in great mental and physical shape even at their advanced ages? While it’s a known fact that seniors are typically prone to mobility issues, you can still find a number of physical activities to help them work on their fitness, regardless of whether they had an accident injury or a mild stroke. Research has also proven that increased isolation and loneliness at an advanced age is one of the most common mental health issues affecting the elderly. Therefore, engaging in some bonding activities with your senior parents/ grandparents is one of the surest ways to keep their mental health in check. Read on below for an elaborate look at how you can keep your elderly relatives mentally and physically fit.

Taking them Through Light Yoga Exercise Routines

For immobile seniors, yoga offers up mild stretching exercises that can be useful in relieving muscle pain and stiffness. You can research online for low-impact yoga poses for sedentary people, as these will help your elderly kin build upon their joint flexibility and muscle mass. Doing these light yoga exercises with your elderly parents also allows for the bonding aspect, which also helps them get rid of mental stress. In addition, yoga poses have been proven to strengthen the individuals’ emotional well-being.

Signing them Up for Low-Impact Sports Classes

Signing your grandparents up for low-impact sports classes is a great way to get them to work on their fitness without increasing their risk of physical injury. Some sports clubs even have specialist instructors that run low-impact classes for seniors, taking care to ensure that members don’t engage in exercise activities that might exceed their physical capabilities. Another benefit of such classes is that members get to interact freely before, during, and after class sessions. This is especially helpful for senior parents that are feeling lonely and isolated, or those that are introverted and find it hard to make new friends.

Traveling with them to Breathtaking Destinations

From worrying about the legacy they’ll leave behind, to constantly wondering whether their loved ones will be okay once they’re gone, elderly parents usually go through a lot of mental stress. What better way than to get their minds off all of these worries, than by driving them out of town to see some beautiful local attractions? Just ensure it’s something they’re passionate about. For instance, if your parent loves nature and animals, a visit to a local nature park or bird sanctuary makes perfect sense.

Arranging for their Home Care Assistance Services

If your busy work schedule limits the number of times you get to hang out with your senior relatives, you might want to hire home caregiver services. Individuals that find themselves tied up by job commitments are increasingly paying for in-home caregiver services to accord their senior parents’ companionship while also helping with their nutrition, movement, and dressing. One thing to consider when looking for quality Home Care Assistance for your elderly grandparents is their approach to in-home caregiving. A good home care brand should be flexible and capable of customizing their services according to your personal requests. If your parent has special dietary needs- for instance- a good in-home caretaker should be able to reinforce these nutritional restrictions by preparing meals for them and also encouraging them to drink the necessary fluids. Other things you should look out for when choosing a home care services company are their quality assurance guarantees and whether they provide round-the-clock client assistance.

Being at an advanced age doesn’t mean that your senior parents have to give up the little things that make life worth living. You can always consult with their personal physicians to find out what type of activities they can safely partake in.

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