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This June is Cycling Month at Aaptiv!

Get ready to hop on the bike and start pedaling.

This June is cycling month at Aaptiv! If you haven’t taken an indoor cycling workout on Aaptiv yet, you’re missing out on some seriously high-energy, heart-pumping, and fun workouts. Throughout the month, we’ll be focusing on mechanics, technique, and form, as well as introducing you to the talented trainers behind our indoor cycling classes! And if you’re already a cycling pro—don’t worry, we’ll be telling you which classes to try, as well as doing IGTV videos every Friday with our trainers.

According to Thornhill, the benefits of indoor cycling go above and beyond any other cardio workout. “It’s a great cardio workout that doesn’t have a big impact on joints,” he says. “Whenever you’re working out in cycling, you can get your heart rate up in such a higher capacity and so much quicker than with running or anything else. It’s just fun.”

The month will be broken into three weeks and culminate a virtual Aaptiv group ride on June 21. The first week will focus on how to set-up the bike to ensure that you maintain form and prevent injury. Thornill advises anyone who’s new on the bike to go slow and listen to their body. “For beginners, it’s not really encouraged to get completely out of breath because they may not know how to really handle that moment, and that could feel discouraging,” he says. “If you ever need to slow it down or scale back to feel more in control of the workout, by all means do so. You can always amplify the challenge with heavy resistance and by rising off the saddle.”

The second week covers how cyclists can improve their mobility and utilize stretching as a tool. The third week is all about getting to know your indoor cycling Aaptiv Trainers! Tune into IGTV every Friday for the three weeks in the calendar to learn more.

Also, follow our class recommendations on Insta stories throughout the month, so you can put what you learn to the test, or simply check out a new class in the app! In case you want to start sooner, below is a starter pack to help you get on the bike and moving:

Once you know all there is to know about the bike, get inspired and empowered to take the cycling classes you want to take. According to Thornhill, if you’re new to the bike, remember that it’s not about crushing your first class, it’s just about opening yourself up to something new! “Even if you don’t find the rhythm perfectly, that’s okay. It’s less about finding the perfect rhythm and more about allowing yourself to just get invested in the workout.”

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