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Introducing Visual Workout Guides, In-App Now!

Your favorite strength moves, broken down.

Here at Aaptiv, we believe audio workouts are the key to your fitness success. With our trainers in your ear, guiding you every step (or lunge) of the way, you’re able to remove distractions and focus on making the most out of every workout.

That being said — we recognize that depending on where you are on your fitness journey, sometimes a visual cue can help when doing certain workouts. That’s why we’re introducing visual workout guides with 250 movements across more than 400 strength workouts in-app. These guides will be available right on the workout details page for any class in the strength training category, detailing form cues and emphasizing the muscles you should be activating.

Below, you can find a video that will show you exactly how to find and use these guides. Simply click on a move and watch one of our expert trainers perform the movement before you start the class, so that when they say something like “give me ten deadlifts,” there’s no second-guessing.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Aaptiv app and start a strength class today to check out the all new visual workout guides! A few of our favorites include:

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