Introducing Team Challenges, Aaptiv’s First In-App Group Fitness Experience

Get the motivation and excitement that training with a group can provide.

Anyone who’s been to a studio class can tell you that the energy of the people within the class makes an impact on your own performance—and there is scientific truth to this feeling. Numerous studies have shown that being in a group makes it more likely for you to achieve your fitness goals. Often, to achieve this group fitness experience we turn to boutique studios, where classes can be very pricey and often have a waitlist—but now there’s an alternative.

Aaptiv is introducing Team Challenges, a product feature available to all Aaptiv members that offers a new way to train in a group. At no extra cost, members can join small groups that work towards a common health goal.

How It Works:

Every season, we’ll release a new themed challenge–and we’ll be kicking off with Summer Bootcamp!

About the Summer Bootcamp Program:

Summer Bootcamp is the first team challenge! It’s a five-week, all levels progressive fitness plan designed by Aaptiv Trainers and packed with high-energy workouts—no equipment required.

Hop in the app to check it out once it’s live! As always, once you start using Team Challenges, let us know what you think. And for any other questions you may have, check this out.

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