Introducing All New Collections In-App Now!

Which one will you try first?

Hey Team Aaptiv, we’ve got some exciting news. Starting today, you can find eight new collections in the Aaptiv app. Our collections are a curated list of popular classes with a common theme that can be taken sequentially or on your own schedule to help you achieve your goals. Each collection is based off of the most commonly searched terms, including sleep, core, upper body, lower body, and more.

Read all about them below so you can pick which one to complete first!

Best of Meditations

All Levels
Featuring Aaptiv Trainers Jess Ray, Ceasar Barajas, Jade Alexis, and Nicole Sciacca, this collection has a meditation for every moment in your day. From waking up in the morning, to letting go of stressors, to self forgiveness, all the way to falling asleep. Experience the benefits of meditation and gain a stronger sense of self with this collection.

Sleep Deeper

All Levels
We’ve all been there, we’re exhausted, we crawl into bed, and suddenly we can’t sleep. To help you sleep and feel better, we’ve created a collection of sleep meditations and stretches from Aaptiv Trainers Jade Alexis, Jess Ray, Nicole Sciacca, and Amanda Butler.

Core Sculptors

Beginner – Advanced
A strong core goes beyond rocking a six-pack. Not only does it help you perform a wide variety of exercises at the gym, your core also helps to combat back pain and makes everything from carrying groceries to carrying your kids easier. With 14 classes from Aaptiv Trainers Jaime McFaden, Kenta Seki, and Ackeem Emmons, among others, this collection will have your abs burning and help you gain the strength you want in no time.

Upper Body Focus

Intermediate + Advanced
Everyone wants the upper body strength to do a perfect pull-up, but it can be hard to build for some. We’re making it easier with a collection that targets every muscle, from your triceps and biceps to your pectorals, lats, and delts. Work out with Aaptiv Trainers Ackeem Emmons and Rochelle Moncourtois, among others.

Lower Body Burners

Beginner + Intermediate
A strong lower body means faster running times and improved efficiency while lifting weights. Sculpt your legs with a collection featuring Aaptiv Trainers Amanda Butler, Ackeem Emmons, Kenta Seki, and Jaime McFaden, among others, that will target every muscle from your hips down to your toes.

Cross Training Challenge

Intermediate + Advanced
You already know that cross training is the key to unlocking your full fitness potential. We created a collection that will make it easier for you to get started. This eight-class collection with Aaptiv Trainer Ackeem Emmons, among others, features a mix of treadmill running and strength training so that you gain both strength and confidence.

Best of Warm Ups

Beginner + Intermediate
Warming up can be the most important part of your workout. Not only does it help you push to your maximum capabilities, but it also helps keep you safe from injuries. This collection uses a mix of stretching, treadmill, strength training, and elliptical classes from Aaptiv Trainers Amanda Butler, John Thornhill, and Jaime McFaden, among others, to get you warmed up and ready for the workout ahead.

Best of Cool Downs

All Levels
Cooling down goes hand in hand with warming up. The more you stretch after a grueling workout, the less likely your chances of being sore the next few days. We’ve created a stretching-focused collection featuring Aaptiv Trainers Nicole Sciacca, Ackeem Emmons, Kenta Seki, and Amanda Butler to make it as easy as can be to cool down after working out.



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