Holiday Hustle: Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant

She shares her favorite scheduling hacks and healthy holiday indulgences.

Welcome to Aaptiv‘s Holiday Hustle series! We’ve rounded up some of our most inspirational fitness and wellness experts and asked them to share their surefire strategies for staying healthy and active this holiday season. Today, Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant shares her story. 

Jessica Murnane of the website One Part Plant (and its awesome companion, One Part Podcast), is one of our true clean eating heroes. Her holistic and playful approach to healthy foods and the power of plant-based nutrition actually gets us excited to be in the kitchen. We love how she’s focused on small changes with big results — it’s exactly what we promote at Aaptiv. It all starts with one meal (or one workout!).

With her One Part Plant cookbook coming in February, Jessica turned to Aaptiv to keep up with her fitness routine amidst her crazy schedule. Today, she’s sharing her favorite scheduling hacks, healthy holiday indulgences, and the Aaptiv trainer she loves to hate. 

Staying fit can mean so many different things. How do you like to work out?

I have to mix it up. I’m not the type of person that can do the treadmill five days in a row. I do a combo of weights, rebounding, Kundalini, and Aaptiv classes during the week. And walking! I try to walk everywhere, even if it means I have to leave 20 minutes early for a meeting (I bring my “meeting shoes” in my bag)

When your schedule is at its busiest, how do you motivate yourself to make time for fitness?

I had to start blocking off my workouts in my calendar, the same way I do meetings. I’m the queen of the “I’ll go workout after this email.” 20 emails later, I still haven’t gone. Scheduling is key for me!


The holidays can mean a lot of (necessary!) indulgences. How do you balance that with maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

It’s weird, since I changed to a plant-based diet, I don’t feel the pressure of “balance” as much anymore. Which feels so liberating, because food-guilt and I used to be besties. Now, I’m able to eat the foods I know make me feel good and skip the ones that don’t. This WAS NOT easy in the beginning and it took a few holidays to get here…but man, it was worth it.

Which holiday treat can you never refuse?

Anything peppermint and chocolate. Because of that, I created these Chocolate Peppermint Truffles that are just a handful of ingredients (cashews, honey, almond milk, cocoa, and chocolate). I can have them and not get a bellyache after.

What advice would you give to somebody who thinks they don’t have time to dedicate to making healthy decisions?

In terms of working out: Combine your activities. If you love listening to podcasts, take a walk or run for the full length of an episode. If you’d rather binge watch Gilmore Girls than workout, do 10 squats every time Lorelei says something annoying. I swear, 90% of my rebounding sessions are done while watching something on Netflix.

In terms of food: Realize it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You don’t have to go from zero to kale smoothies in a day or make elaborate dinners. Start by committing to eating one simple plant-based meal a day (one part plant!). An easy curry with veggies or a hearty salad. Little changes can begin to make a big difference. And P.S., you can also cook while watching Gilmore Girls too…

What’s your go-to Aaptiv class? 

I love Marq Brown’s classes. They are the perfect combination of motivating and wanting to tell him to F off. 🙂 I need the extra push while working out and he always gives that. I always feel accomplished after a session with him. And his jams are always good!

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Photo credit: Nicole Franzen 



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