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Essential Things You Need for Cycling

Cycling is a great outdoor activity that keeps you lean, fit, and happy. More than that, it’s a lifestyle many people adhere to. The activity itself allows you to get from point A to point B without contributing to traffic or pollution. If you’ve just bought a brand new bike and are determined to tap into the two-wheel adventure, check out our list of essential things you will need.


Even the most experienced pros can be involved in an accident and crush, and without decent protection, the consequences can be very serious and even life-threatening. Why some people, newbies especially, often question the necessity of wearing a helmet, every seasoned biker will tell you that there is no better way for bicyclists to prevent head or neck injuries. It’s important to understand that not all helmets are the same in terms of quality and the level of protection (if any) they offer, hence if you decide to buy one, do not spend money on a cheap copy of a famous brand but get a helmet that can serve the purpose.

Padded Shorts

Despite what you may think, you do need this colorful piece of clothes – and not just to look like a real pro but to protect and cushion your bottom from the pressure of the body on the saddle. In other words, if you want to avoid saddle sores and the pain they trigger, make sure to get paddle shorts, all the more so, they come in a plethora of styles and colors. And one more thing. If you are wondering whether you should wear underwear, the answer is NO. The pad is created to sit next to the skin, absorb sweat, and provide for the most comfortable ride.


Of course, you can cycle in your favorite cotton T-shirt but soon you will realize that there is nothing awesome in a clammy ride. On the other hand, if you choose the right jersey, you will enjoy the full benefits of a dry and comfortable journey, and, in addition to that, carry supplies in the rear pockets. You have probably already noticed that well-equipped cyclists do not carry hefty backpacks, but still have all essentials with them.


It’s true that not so long ago, cyclists could participate in the most prestigious races without sunglasses. But you know what? It turned out that the risk of developing cataracts or keratitis is tripled by long-term exposure to the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays. That’s why when buying cycling sunglasses, opt for polarized lenses that have a special coating that absorbs the sun’s rays. Sun is not the only enemy on the road, dust and flying debris are also a huge problem, in fact, much bigger than one would expect. However, if you wear sunglasses, rest assured you won’t fight with a tiny yet incredibly stubborn fly stuck in the corner of your eye.

Bottle Cage

While all bottle cages do exactly what it says on the tin, they can be made of different materials that range from plastic and aluminum to carbon and titanium. The latter cost a fortune and frankly speaking, we are not that sure, a bottle cage should be the most expensive item in your kit.

Anyway, it is the case when a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better performances, which mainly depend on the construction of the cage. If you’re plotting really long rides, it is a good idea to have two bottle cages – this lightweight and durable accessory is a must-have for riding fun on the go.

Clipless Pedals

Borrowed from skiing, clipless pedals are a kind of state-of-the-art creation but believe it or not, you will appreciate the numerous advantages they bring. They provide for a seamless foot-to-pedal connection, taking the whole question of safety to the next level thanks to nearly instant foot entry and release. Clipless pedals come in two types: walkable and road. Just as their names imply, the first option is ideal for walking and hiking since it’s designed in such a way that the cleats don’t contact the ground. The road system provides for better performances of a cycler but it’s really hard to walk in.

Cycling Shoes

Truth be said, cycling shoes might be not ultimately essential but their rigid soles are a real game-changer when it comes to your experience. Plus, you won’t be able to feel the advantages of your clipless pedals without cycling shoes. According to cyclists worth their salt, a pair of cycling shoes combined with a pair of clipless pedals is a winning combination that can mean a big difference even for rookies. The great thing is, your first shoes do not have to be very expensive to let you enjoy comfortable and efficient rides.

This is a starter pack that will let you enjoy the full benefits of cycling without spending too much money on unnecessary things. Once you have these items, you can have a better experience riding your bike on and off the road. So, get your gear and have fun.

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