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6 Clever Ways to Drink More Water Regularly

Adopting these habits can help you stay hydrated.

Most people don’t think twice about the amount of water they’re drinking, despite the fact that it plays a vital role in our health. Staying hydrated is essential when it comes to being energized, managing hunger, and even regulating mood. It’s especially important to get enough when you’re engaging in physical activity. But sometimes it’s hard to drink more water if you’re not paying attention, which is why you may need a few tricks to help you stay hydrated.

“Our bodies are made up of about 60 percent water, so it’s important to maintain a healthy fluid balance for our cells and bodies to function properly,” says nutrition health coach Beth Romanski. “Beyond just being thirsty, water can support digestion, metabolism, energy, and joint lubrication, and it can help headaches and migraines that may be attributed to
dehydration. The amount of water each person needs varies on the individual, but in general it is a good idea to stay hydrated, especially if you are losing fluids during a workout.”

To make sure you’re staying healthy and hydrated, you’ll want to try these clever ways to drink more water.

Invest in a good bottle.

Getting a water bottle that you’re excited about can help encourage you to drink more water. “Consider the type of bottle or glass that suits your personal preference,” says Elizabeth Huggins, R.D.N. “Find a fun design and color. Do you like to see the water? Do you prefer a bottle with a large opening, small opening, straw, or spout? Is it easy to refill at work? Even the thickness of the lip on the container might influence how much you enjoy drinking out of it.”

Use a water tracking app.

Using an app to track how much you consume can help you hydrate more and make sure you get the amount you need for your fitness level. “MyFitnessPal has a water tracking feature, or you can use a stand-alone app like Waterlogged or Daily Water,” says health and wellness coach Kaitlin Bitting. “Both … are free and offer a reminder feature, so you won’t forget to drink up.”

Get fancy with flavors.

Sometimes it’s hard to drink more water when it’s plain, which is why it can be useful to add in a flavor. “Instead of artificially sweetened beverages, you can add zest to your water with fresh herbs or a drop or two of essential oils, or you can easily make your own spa water with citrus, berries, or cucumber,” says Bitting. Certain foods can help you stay hydrated as well, so toss those into your creations for extra hydration.

Pair it with daily activities.

To drink more water, pair filling up your glass or bottle with another activity in your daily routine. “For example, drink water before leaving your house, before going to lunch, or perhaps leaving work for the day,” Huggins says. “Always plan to hydrate in advance of outside activities or going to the gym.”

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Set a reminder.

“Just like with anything else, we can use technology to our advantage by setting up daily
reminders on our iPhones or computers to remind us to drink more water,” Romanski says. “You can download a habits app, or you can just use the reminder app on your phone.” Not into technology? Old-fashioned Post-it Notes work, too.

Drink tea.

Hydration doesn’t always have to be limited to plain water. “Other beverages like herbal
hot or cold teas count toward your daily water allowance,” Romanski says. Herbal teas can also aid in curbing sugar cravings and relieving stress.

Adopting these habits can help you load up on water and stay hydrated and healthy without much effort. Plus, staying hydrated will only help you crush your next Aaptiv workout.

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