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6 Cardio Machine Combos to Maximize Your Workout

Hopping between gym machines can maximize fat burn and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.

You always want to get the most out of your cardio days at the gym. But, even with an incredible playlist, spending longer than 20 to 30 minutes repeating the same movement on the treadmill or elliptical can get old, fast. And, if you planned to workout for 45 minutes to one hour, you might skip out before completing your goal.

That’s why you might find it easier to switch from the treadmill to elliptical, or from the stationary bike to the rowing machine, half way through.

Whether you get bored or distracted easily, or want to make sure that you are utilizing multiple muscle groups, top trainers at Aaptiv say that there are benefits to combining different cardio machines in a single workout.

“It is absolutely fine to alternate using various machines during a workout, as this is actually the basis for circuit training,” explains Jules Damey, certified personal trainer and strength coach in Davis, California. “There are many benefits to utilizing these methods, including greater utilization of energy sources, and thus greater fat burn, as well as increased cardiovascular fitness.”

You may also avoid burnout, adds Strength and Conditioning Coach Evie Fatz. “Combining various conditioning elements not only adds variety to your workouts, but also helps you avoid the ‘steady state cardio’ trap,” she says. “When the body gets used to certain movements, there is no longer adaption, which means [that] the body won’t change. To improve fitness and body composition, adaption is crucial. The simplest way to do this is to change up your workout regularly.”

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of cardio machine combos and some routines to try the next time you hit the gym or try an Aaptiv workout.

What are the pros and cons of using multiple cardio machines?

There are many benefits to utilizing multiple machines in one workout, notes Armen Ghazarians, certified personal trainer in Glendale, California. He says some of the pros include:

One potential downside of using multiple machines is that your heart rate might go down during the transition. You can do the majority of your hard work on one machine before switching over, though.

“The trade-off with multiple machines is that you will likely have a challenge keeping your heart rate up to the 65-70 percent target that you want for maximum cardiovascular conditioning when you switch,” says Chris Clough, certified personal trainer in Baltimore. “So, a simple consideration is to work up to your target range and stay there for 20 minutes on one machine, and then change to another cardio machine.” Utilize a heart rate monitor to stay on track for your target range.

Combinations You Can Try

Ghazarians recommends the following combinations that focus on either the lower or upper body. You can try these combinations on different days (leg day on Monday, upper body Wednesday, for example.) You can work up to three to five cardio sessions a week, but be sure to alternate with strength training and stretching days for best results.

1. Lower Body for Beginners


2. Lower Body Intermediate

3. Lower Body Advanced

4. Upper Body for Beginners

5. Upper Body Intermediate

6. Upper Body Advanced

Other Tips

Remember, you can adjust the time you spend on each machine, depending on your current fitness level. You can also lower the resistance slightly as you build up your cardiovascular endurance. The goal, though, is to keep your heart rate up as you switch between machines.

For that reason, you may want to go for a shorter amount of time at a higher intensity to maximize your results.

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