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Can You Have Chronically Tight Muscles?

When stretching and massages aren’t helping, it might be time to address an underlying issue.

CBD and Injuries: What It Can and Can’t Do for You

When you’re hurting or sore, you could reduce inflammation thanks to this buzzy oil.

3 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes for Your Next BBQ

This year, skip the hot dogs and grill up turkey burgers and some inflammation-fighting sides instead.

How to Actually Stretch to Get More Flexible

Improving flexibility can increase your athletic range of motion, decrease your chance of getting injured, and reduce soreness.

5 Healthy Snacking Mistakes to Avoid

It’s so easy to go overboard, even on those good-for-you snacks.

This is the Best Diet for Endurance Athletes

Train hard, eat well, and don’t give up those carbohydrates.

Can You Minimize Soreness Ahead of a Workout?

Warming up properly can go a long way toward easing soreness the next day.

3 Tasty Gluten-Free Pancake Recipes for Cozy Mornings

Savor a stack of flapjacks sans gluten anytime the craving strikes.

Here’s How Balance Impacts Strength Training

Build up that balance and feel stronger each day.

What’s the Difference Between Sugar-Free, Unsweetened, and No-Sugar Added?

Food labels can be confusing when you are trying to cut down on (or completely cut out) the sweet stuff.

Here’s What CBD Oil Can and Can’t Do For You

Learn more about the newest holistic health trend.

The Most Common Running GI Problems and How to Solve Them

If you’re prone to “the runs” as a runner, follow these tips to avoid GI stress and keep on hitting those miles.


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