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Sauna vs Steam Room: What’s the Difference?

The sauna and steam room are both heated rooms. While they do seem very similar, there are some diff...

Can You Really Use Video Games to Workout?

The idea of keeping fit used to be synonymous with the gym, grueling workouts and for some, hating e...

Slow Cooker Recipes to Cook When You Are at Work

Imagine being able to get home from work or school and have dinner basically ready for you. If that...

Protein-Packed Versions of Your Favorite Food You Should Try

Whilst indulging on your favorite foods is fun to do, being able to amp the protein content while st...

What’s the Difference Between Core Training and Ab Training?

Core and ab training are typically used interchangeably to describe working the stomach area. Contra...

Gut Health: The Best Foods to Help You Care for Your Gut

What you eat makes a difference to your gut and hence your overall body, so feed it with the right foods to ensure the best outcome.

5 Physical Benefits of Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to work on your cardio, endurance and burn some calories. It’s a versatile exercise that you can basically do anywhere, anytime.

The Benefits of Eating a Low Sodium Diet

Should you be pursuing a low sodium diet? Here's a run down on the benefits.

5 Gym Etiquette “Rules” You Should Follow

Your guide to the official, and unofficial, rules that make up universal gym etiquette.

Can You Get A UTI From Working Out? Here’s What Happens

If you do get a UTI, there are steps that you can take to make recovery faster and easier, such as letting your body rest for a few days and ensuring that you practice good hygiene.

How Barre Workouts Really Impact Your Body

The reason why barre workouts are so popular nowadays, is because it completely tones and builds upon strength, coordination and flexibility in a low-impact way.

How to Prevent Chafing During Your Workout

Use these tips to help eliminate the discomfort of chafing, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for your workout.


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