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Why Water Is Crucial to Burning Fat in the Body

Could depriving your body of H2O be the reason you’re not losing fat?

How to Reduce On-Set Muscle Soreness With CBD Oil

Can the newest health craze ease muscle pain?

Why Protecting Collagen Protein Is More Important Than Consuming It

Protecting what you have may be more beneficial than drinking more.

When You Should and Should Not Consume Bulletproof Coffee

Is the latest craze in morning beverages a do or don’t for you?

How Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids Affect Cholesterol

Are the excess supplements helping or hurting your cholesterol levels?

Does Saturated Fat Cause High Cholesterol?

Learn about saturated fats, and its relationship with LDL and HDL cholesterol.

Why You May Have High Blood Glucose on Keto

Can diets that limit sugar, actually increase glucose in our blood?

The Truth Behind ‘Getting Fit’ for Your Wedding

Setting a goal-weight for your wedding could actually end up hurting you.

12 Reasons Why Your Lower Back May Be Cramping

While they could be fitness related, back cramps can also be an indication of an underlying problem.

12 Ways to Turn High-Carb Recipes Into Healthy, Low Carb Meals

Consuming delicious meals doesn’t have to rack up the carb count.

How Counting Calories Can Affect Your Mental State

It may be done with the best intentions, but your body will not thank you.

Why Everyone Should Know About The Stress Hormone, Cortisol

It’s true, mental health can impact your physical health, too.


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