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Swap Out Your Scale for a Tape Measure

Learn how to use a tape measure to more accurately track your fat loss.

How to Maintain Your Fitness When You Can’t Do Your Usual Workout

All it takes is some innovative and time-saving techniques.

The Busy Mom’s Plan for Making Time to Exercise

Learn how fitness experts—who are also moms—find time in their busy schedules for exercise.

How to Manage Foot Pain During Pregnancy

Learn how the physical changes of pregnancy can trigger foot pain, as well as tips you can use to manage and treat it.

Does Your Emotional Health Impact Your Heart Health?

The two are more related than you may think.

Can I Exercise With a Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

With proper treatment the condition doesn’t need to derail your exercise routine.

How to Manage Symphysis Pubis Pain During and After Pregnancy

Your pelvis is going through some changes—here's how to deal.

What Exactly Is Brown Fat?

Learn how to boost your metabolism by activating fat-burning brown adipose tissue.

Why Do My Joints Crack?

Learn about what causes joint cracking, why it occurs, and if your cracking joints are a sign of injury.

How to Deal With Exercise-Induced Braxton Hicks Contractions

Learn about Braxton Hicks contractions during pregnancy and how to keep exercising when they occur.

How to Reduce Age-Related Postural Stoop With Exercise

Reverse your stooped back with these muscle-strengthening exercises and tips.

How to Ease Round Ligament Pain for Pregnant Runners

Don't let this pain get in the way of your prenatal running routine.


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