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What Are The Best Nutritional Supplement Brands?

While nutritional supplements can help improve your body and health, not all supplements, including vitamins and minerals, do the job correctly. This difference has led to different brands and companies to compete in the saturated supplement market. While some brands provide the best, approved natural supplements, others give additives, fillers, and unhealthy ingredients. Those who have committed themselves in delivering the best-recommended supplements got voted as the best nutritional brands. What are these brands? Learn more about them below.

Now Foods

Now foods represent an inclusive brand that sells different kinds of supplements starting from organic, non-organic and Non-GMO supplements. The company always produces affordable, high-quality supplements that are consumed worldwide and are open about their certification and procedures. Now Foods has dedicated itself to providing high-quality nutritional supplements and has dedicated themselves to improving nutritional science, education, and safety practices. Most of the high-quality brands come from this company, owned by OW Health Group, Inc.

Thorne research

Thorne research boasts of being a pioneer in Nutritional science and research. Together with its staff, the company comprises a team of dedicated advisors, labs, and research facilities that enable them to come up with high quality, reliable products. Their supplements get produced on an NSF Registered GMP structure, consisting of NSF Certified sport. Their products are always pure and do not contain additives or impurities. According to customer reviews, Thorne Research has got the best amino acid blends. As a practitioner brand, Thorne’s quality is high, and so is its price. Their products get sold to doctors, authorized resellers, and other direct-selling companies.

Life Extension

This company has been in the practice of producing and supplying quality supplements for the past four years. Life Extension has its own NSF Registered plant and a team of advisors and staff, which enable it to produce a variety of supplements at affordable prices. The good thing about Life Extension, their supplements are many and often offer catalogs in case of complex products that are hard to understand. When it comes to optimal health, this brand is a leader, and most individuals love their products whenever they need some. Quality is medium, and so is the price. Its products are available online and local stores, which you can check out and make a purchase.

Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations boasts as a practitioner brand that offers different types of products. Its products consist of magnesium glycinate and other compounds that blend as multivitamins. The company is GMP registered, with a GFCO-Certified Gluten-Free certification, which offers products free from common allergens. The company has certified its products as non-GMO, and they can be found through different types of doctors and other authorized resellers. Clients who have used these products always give good reviews about them, and they always make repeat orders depending on their efficiency. Pure Encapsulations is owned by Atrium, Inc., which is a Nestle Inc. Subsidiary.

Herb Pharm

You can’t mention nutrition supplements brands without including the Herb Pharm brand. The company mostly sells herbal extracts and has got different products under its name. It puts organic and non-GMO ingredients to its products, which get locally sourced from farmers around the world guided by ethics guidelines. Some of these ingredients get harvested using wildcraft means, to ensure they retain the maximum vigor as required. Herb Pharm Company dispenses its products in the form of vegetable glycerin or grain alcohol suspensions.

Through the high demand for its products, you can quickly tell their popularity and also the effectiveness, since most are returning customers. Herb Pharm offers top quality products at medium pricing, and you can’t compare its supplements with other companies.

Gaia Herbs

For the past 25 years since its launch, Gaia Herbs has created and set the standard for supplements. The company produces different types of products in different professional lines, putting into consideration high-quality standards that never get compromised. The company is situated in North Carolina, high in the mountains where they also do source ingredients. For anyone considering herbal supplements, they should look no further than Gaia herbs. Its prices are medium for high-quality products and do online, agents, and direct-selling.

There are many brands worldwide that sell these supplements. The above examples are a few but represent the leading brands that can satisfy your supplements needs. You can find their products online, on authorized agents or other direct-selling companies. However, to be sure of a brand and what we have discussed in this article, purchase products and verify the contents by yourself or get assistance from professionals.

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