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Aaptiv's got all the Monday motivation you need.

Happy Monday, Team Aaptiv! Get after your goals this week with all new workouts, such as Abs en Fuego, a strength training class with Aaptiv Trainer Kenta Seki, and Loose and Loving, a full body stretch class led by Aaptiv Trainer Ackeem Emmons.

Strength Training

One Two Three Hold with Amanda B.
Full Body + Equipment: This bodyweight strength workout consists of three sets, each focusing on legs, arms, and core. There will be six movements total, including split jumps into a squat hold, push-ups into a plank hold, and single-leg v-ups into a hollow hold. All you need for this class is a little determination and a mat.

Work It to Whitney with Kenta S.
Full Body + Weights: Grab a light and a medium set of dumbbells, as well as a mat. Warm up, then sweat through six circuits of one combo move and one cardio move. Each exercise will be performed for 30 seconds and repeated once. The mantra for the class is “be willing to change.” Work to an all Whitney Houston playlist.

Abs en Fuego with Kenta S.
Core: In this class, you’ll do core exercises for 30- or 15-second intervals. Sweat to an all Spanish music playlist.

Give Me the Burn with Mary O.
HIIT + Full Body: Grab a mat, then warm up with jogs into butt kicks, lunges, walk-outs into planks, and more. You’ll have 30 seconds on each move. Following that, alternate between 1 minute of plyometrics and 1 minute of push-up variations to create a total body burn.

Plan of Attack with Meghan T.
HIIT + Full Body: This is a total body HIIT workout which focuses on two short circuits: a 4-minute dynamic warmup and a core and upper body circuit. Both circuits are repeated twice. Your warmup will include exercises such as high knees, broad jumps into backward shuffles, and air squats. Then, in part two, work through exercises such as plank up-downs, push-ups, crunches, mountain climbers, and bicycle kicks. This is a good workout for runners who want a quick HIIT workout to challenge their physical and mental baseline.

10 Minutes of Core with Sultan M.
Core: You’ll have one group of three exercises, repeated four times. Work for 35 seconds on each exercise, and rest for 25 seconds in between groups. Exercises include v-ups, bicycle kicks, and Bulgarian twists.

Slow and Controlled with Sultan M.
Full Body + Weights: Grab a selection of weights that challenge you, but don’t compromise your form. You’ll complete four sets of 10 exercises, with 30 seconds of work on each with a rest in between sets. Exercises include front squats, deadlift variations, bent over rows, overhead shoulder presses, upright rows, chest presses, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and crunches.


Shoulder Opener with Amanda B.
Upper Body: This quick stretch is focused on the shoulders. Loosen them up with shoulder rolls, arm circles, forward folds, supine twists, windmill stretches, child’s pose, and more.

Loose and Loving with Ackeem E.
Full Body: Work through a number of full body moves in this short and sweet stretch routine. You’ll move through down dog, push-up planks, extensions and more.

The Zen Zone with Kenta S.
Full Body: Grab a mat and use static stretches to loosen your body. Focus on deep breathing and mental calmness.

Like Water with Nicole S.
Full Body: Become more fluid and malleable, just like water. Stretch head-to-toe and learn to make shapes with your body that will give you more freedom in your everyday life.


Date With the Dreadmill with Ackeem E.
Endurance + Speed Work: This 40-minute workout is designed to work on both your speed and endurance. In the endurance portion, you will have 4 two-minute tempo intervals with short recovery in between. You’ll work through 4 sprint intervals of 40 seconds at 9.0 followed by short recovery.

Hook, Line, and Sinker with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Weights + Intervals: This is your one-stop shop for endurance, speed, and strength. Grab a set of dumbbells, ranging from 10lb to 25lb. Start with a 10-minute run on the treadmill, with tempo runs and sprint intervals, then push through a series of strength exercises, including plank to push-ups, bent over rows, and deadlifts.

Titanium Runners with Elena M.
Intervals: Warm up for 7 minutes, matching your pace to the music and increasing speed when the beat of the music drops. Then, sweat through four blocks of speed and incline intervals. Your longest interval will last for 70 seconds.

Run Never Felt So Good with Elena M.
Intervals: Warm up for 3 minutes with incline variations, then work through three, 5-minute intervals of hills and speed work. End with a 3-minute finisher in which you’ll add anywhere from .2 to .5 in speed every 30 seconds until you hit a sprinting pace. The goal is to build endurance by pushing your pace and to strengthen your muscles through the inclines.

The Warmup Mentality with John T.
Walk + Jog: This is a great warmup before a strength training or longer cardio workout. You’ll start on a flat incline then increase your incline as you walk. To finish up you’ll do jogging intervals.

You Run This with Meghan T.
Speed Work: Start with a 3-minute progression warmup, then work through a 3-minute interval repeated five times. The interval consists of 1 minute at your average pace, 1 minute at your tempo pace, 30 seconds at your sprint pace, and a 30-second walk. The speeds in the interval will be up to you. There will be recommendations in the first interval, but the goal is to run to your perceived effort level.

Sweat Spot with Rochelle B.
Intervals: This workout has intervals on a slight incline with walking recovery in between. You’ll build stamina and strength simultaneously and become a stronger runner overall. Your maximum speed will be 5.5, and your incline will be 2 for the entire workout.

Setting Records with Rochelle B.
Intervals: The first half of this class is all about building endurance, while the second half zeros in on speed work. Warm up, then work through progressive intervals and sprints. Your maximum speed for the class will be 6.0.

Racing Intervals with Wes P.
Speed Work: This class is all about speed! There are three different blocks of work to this treadmill run. You’ll be running for distance, and the intervals will progressively get a little more challenging. Focus on pacing yourself at the beginning and racing yourself at the end!

Indoor Cycling

Base-Level Ride with Ed H.
Intervals: This beginner ride is focused on form and fluidity. Most of the work will be in the saddle, but two sections will be out of the saddle. There are no sprints or hills in this class, so it’s great to use as a review of fundamentals and base building. Your RPM will range from 80 to 100.

Trail of Smoke with Ed H.
Intervals: This is an all-terrain ride that focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness. You’ll also build muscular power by training your anaerobic threshold and loading resistance. In this class, ride through hills, sprints, and flats in and out of the saddle.

Do It For the Trophy with John T.
HIIT: This is a beat-based ride that focuses on resistance training, HIIT, and, of course, dancing to the beat.

We Built This Ride with Katie H.
Speed Work: This ride will take you from cruising to breathless in the span of six songs. Once you find your resistance, keep it there. You can always adjust throughout class, but try to increase your speed while maintaining your resistance!

Own Your Why with Katie H.
Intervals: If you’re looking for motivation, you’ve come to the right class. This ride is all about finding the reason behind the sweat. After all, what you do on the bike is just practice for what you do off it. Work through hills and intervals both in and out of the saddle in this class.

Stair Climber

Climb with the Punches with Erin S.
HIIT: The theme of this workout is “fired up,” so give it your all in this short, but intense class. You’ll have 3 minutes to warmup, then increase your level for every minute of the rest of the workout.

Next Level Up with Mary O.
Intervals: This class is all about building endurance. Warm up, then work for 3 minutes at level 8, 2 minutes at level 9, and 1 minute at level 10. Recover for 1 minute and repeat this series once.


S is for Strong with Erin S.
Intervals: Focus on resistance intervals in the first half of this workout, then switch to speed work with intervals during the second half.

Quick Little Warmup with Jaime M.
Intervals: This warmup is short and sweet. We recommend taking it before a strength class or a longer cardio workout. The word of this workout is spark, and your maximum incline will be 10.

Energetic Elliptical Strides with Jaime M.
Intervals + Multidirectional: Warm up, then work through various hill, sprint, and multidirectional intervals, with your maximum resistance hitting 10 and your maximum incline hitting 15. The word of this workout is “energy.”

Hip Hop Tempo Switch with John T.
Intervals: This intermediate elliptical workout will have you moving and grooving to a variety of different hip-hop tempos. Your goal is to match your rhythm to the various tempos while adding resistance—with your hands off the handlebars at times.

Kicking It with MJ with Katie H.
Intervals: This beginner workout is set to an all Michael Jackson playlist. You’ll have four songs with resistance and endurance intervals. Plus, each song will bring a chance to “beat” what you did in the last song.


Breathe Before You Sweat with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Take this meditation before a workout or a run. Practice deep breathing, create calm, and focus on building a determination to get you through your next workout or run!

Yoga Sutra to Success with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Use your breath and yoga sutra to start your day off on the right foot. Yoga Sutra focuses on cultivating attitudes of friendliness to secure your peace and sanity and to help bring peace to those around you.

Worry is Bondage with Nicole S.
Guided Meditation: Set yourself free of worry with this short meditation. You’ll focus in on the tendency we all have to plan so much that most of our time is spent dealing in the past or imagining the future. In reality, this moment is all we have.


Good Morning Yoga Stretch with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This class will get your blood flowing and stretch your body and mind. Set an intention for your day, then flow through sun salutations A & B, as well as high lunge, pigeon pose, and more.

In the Details with Nicole S.
Vinyasa Flow: This is a full-body flow, and you’ll need a basic yoga practice for your foundation. Take your practice to new heights with new pose variations. Slight adjustments allow us to tune in, in ways we haven’t yet explored. Grab a block for this class and flow to a playlist of calming tunes mixed with hip hop tracks.

Outdoor Running

I’m Every Woman with Jaime M.
Walk + Jog: In celebration of Black History Month this class features a playlist of inspirational black artists. Work through walking and jogging intervals while listening to Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Beyonce, and more.

Miles for Mental Toughness with Meghan T.
Endurance: This is an endurance-based run, so you’ll hold your average pace for 40 minutes. Within those 40 minutes, you’ll have 12 30-second surges, in which you’ll pick up to your threshold pace. The goal here build your lung capacity and regulate your breathing patterns to run more efficiently.

Around the Track with Rochelle B.
Endurance: This is a track workout that will build speed and endurance. Warm up with 400 meters at a steady jog, then focus on maintaining a given speed for four 800 meter repeats. Each 800-meter repeat is set at 4 minutes, which breaks down to an 8-minute mile. In between each, you’ll have 400 meters to recover.

Intervals, With Love, with Wes P.
Intervals: This is beat-based workout alternates walking and running intervals, all set to current hip-hop hits. You’ll check in with your base, tempo, and threshold paces and utilize them for intervals that will be up to 4.5 minutes long.

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