Everything You Need for a Machine-Free Home Gym

Your home gym doesn't have to be packed with expensive gear. Here's what you really need to buy before you work out.

Although living a healthy lifestyle is ideal, heading to the gym every day might not be. But, if you’re tight on time and budget, can you really get an effective workout from your home gym or using the Aaptiv app.

Don’t let the term fool you. You really don’t need a fancy indoor cycling bike or expensive elliptical that’s going to take up a lot of floor space to have everything you need to break a sweat.

With just a few key pieces, you can set yourself up for success. To help you get your home gym ready for your next sweat sesh, we chatted with Aaptiv trainer Kelly Chase to discover her must-haves for an in-home workout. (Don’t forget to have your Aaptiv app ready!)

The Gear

When it comes to running, you can get by with little-to-no gear, but for our HIIT fans and strength trainers, things are a little different. Thankfully you only need a few items to reap the benefits of training at home.

Start with:

Chase says weights are key for many Aaptiv classes—both ones that require the use of dumbbells and ones that don’t. In fact, she says a great way to increase the intensity of your favorite class or to push yourself a little harder is to incorporate a dumbbell into the exercise.

The same can be said of a resistance band. For example, imagine doing a series of squats. Now picture doing them with a looped band around your legs. You’ve just instantly increased the resistance and are pushing your quads to get a deeper burn with each and every dip. All that with just a small, portable rubber band!

“A great thing about resistance bands is that they are lightweight, and therefore can be transported more easily than dumbbells,” Chase says. She adds that resistance bands are a fantastic tool to take with you when working out outside or while traveling with little packing space, as they can fold up nice and small

The Extras

Add on:

Chase explains that a mat is needed for many Aaptiv yoga classes, and helpful for some workouts. “Planks are preferred on a mat, especially since like I said, you could be anywhere,” she says. “Perhaps you don’t want to put your hands on a public floor!” Yep, no thanks.

Yoga mats are also good for creating a soft cushion for your floor exercises. Core exercises and those that require a lot of movement on the ground can get really tough on the knees, sit bones, and wrists. A more cushioned mat can act as a barrier against a hard surface and help alleviate the pressure put on your joints. And, at the end of the day, as Chase said, you don’t always want to be touching the floor!

Lastly, a stability ball is one of Chase’s picks for a home gym. Although not essential, it’s a valuable tool to have on hand for building a stronger core.

She notes a stability ball is great for ab workouts, as well as lower and upper body exercises. You can do crunches with the ball, shoulder presses, back flies—the possibilities are endless. You can even use your stability ball as a home office chair to help stabilize and build a strong core while you sit and answer emails.

Hey, you never know where you can find a chance to workout! With Aaptiv you can work out anywhere!



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