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Aaptiv’s 5K Your Way is Back!

Join #TeamAaptiv as we run our annual virtual race.

Here at Aaptiv, we’re firm believers that if you run, you’re a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, it doesn’t matter how far you go, it just matters that you go. Running is not only an essential part of every fitness routine—it’s an essential part of who we are and why we started. Regardless of your fitness level or average mile time, you can bet that our community will be there to cheer you on and celebrate your accomplishments. So, in that spirit, we’re excited to announce that Aaptiv is back again this year with our annual 5K Your Way event!

On Saturday, October 27, we invite #TeamAaptiv to participate in Aaptiv’s 5K Your Way, a virtual race designed to spotlight and celebrate our community. And, because we know our community is made of athletes of all fitness levels and abilities, when we say “your way,” we really mean it. Solo, in a group, outdoors, indoors, sprinting, or walking—the 3.1 miles are yours to complete however you want. So, whether you’re a seasoned runner with a few PRs under your belt or you’re a beginner who avoids the treadmill at all costs, there’s a place for you on 5K Your Way race day.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Register. Sign up as an individual or a team right here.
  2. Pick your Aaptiv training program. Head to the Aaptiv app and choose one of two 5K plans. There’s the Focus on 5K program, a running-based training schedule, or Cross-Train to 5K, which incorporates running and strength training.
  3. Train. You can prep solo or grab your friends and family to form a team.
  4. Log your miles. This year, Aaptiv partnered with Charity Miles to benefit the causes you love with every step. It’s simple: Download the Charity Miles app and join Aaptiv’s team. For every mile you log, the organization will donate money to a charitable cause of your choice.
  5. Share your progress. Use #Aaptiv5KYourWay as you train to send and receive encouragement as your train.
  6. Race! Complete the virtual race on race day for a chance to win a home gym or one of ten runner-up prize bags. Official rules here.

Now it’s time to train! Head to the Aaptiv app now to choose your 5K program and get started logging miles. Be sure to share your progress along the way. We’ll see you at the finish line!

Want to run a 5K Your Way but not a member of Aaptiv yet? Sign up here.

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