Aaptiv 101: Get the Most Out of the Aaptiv App

How do you use the Aaptiv app? How do you find the best classes for you on the app? We've got all the answers here!

Welcome to Aaptiv! Whether you’re a new member or you’re still exploring all we have to offer, we want to walk you through how to use the app to meet your fitness goals. Your workouts should work for you, and we’ve designed Aaptiv to do just that!

Ready? Open the Aaptiv app and log in (Join over 200,000 members – 50% off today!).

Once there, the easiest way to get started is to choose a category of classes to browse.

Our Workout Categories

Treadmill: Never fear the treadmill again! We’ve got workouts for every fitness level. Already a treadmill pro, but need to mix it up? Our trainers create workouts that include sprints, interval runs, endurance runs, and HIIT treadmill workouts.

Outdoor Running: Get more motivated than ever to tackle your outdoor runs with these classes. We’ve got classes for all levels.

Elliptical: Think the elliptical is for easy workout days? Think again! Get ready to sweat and be challenged no matter your fitness level.

Strength Training: Get ready to tone your body and sweat—big time! These HIIT workouts encompass everything from plyometrics to dumbbell workouts, and full body resistance classes.

Indoor Cycling: Love the bike? This category is for you. Our rides vary from distance rides to intervals and hills work. Get ready to sweat!

Stairclimber: Ready to tackle the machine with the toughest reputation? Our stair climber workouts will have you feeling fit and accomplished.

Yoga: Work on long and lean muscles or just relax and flow with our yoga classes.

Stretching: Treat your muscles to some TLC with our stretching classes.

Meditation: Practice mindfulness, de-stress, and focus on gratitude with our calming guided meditations.

Not a member yet? Take our fitness quiz to find the best workouts you’re sure to love.

Train with Us

Prepping for a race? We’ve got a 5K and 10K training program. Our trainers will take you through your training day by day so you’ll be more than ready to race. Plus, if you’re looking to add cross-training to your race day prep, we’ve got a program. for that too. Our Total Body Training program blends cardio and strength to give you a well-rounded fitness experience.

Wondering how to start running? Check out our Walk to Run One Mile program. No running experience required! Turn your saunter into a sprint in four weeks with treadmill and outdoor runs, as well as stretching sessions, with Aaptiv Trainers John Thornhill, Rochelle Baxter, and Jaime McFaden.

Want to work on flexibility? We challenge you to touch your toes—and we’ve got a program that will get you there in just two weeks. Plus, if you’re looking for mind and body benefits, we’ve got an intro to yoga programs that will help you increase your range of motion, tone overall muscle, and manage your stress levels.

Our trainers are ready with the newest classes just for you. Fire up the Aaptiv app and begin these classes right away.

Special Programs

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or get stronger, we’ve got a program for you in our “Programs & Challenges” category

Pregnancy: Train your body safely and effectively through the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy by following our 27-week Move Through Maternity program—starting on week 13 and concluding on week 40—created by Aaptiv’s pre- and post-natal certified trainers (and fellow moms).

Weight Loss: Our Intro to Weight Loss and Maintain Your Weight Loss programs will both help you get started and help you maintain your progress with a combination of cardio work and strength training.

Meditation: If you’re looking to train your mind, along with your body, check out our Intro to Meditation and Go Deeper with Your Meditation programs. Train your mind to slow down and your body will follow. Both these programs will help you find your breath and teach you how to calm your mind.

Our Workout Collections

Our collections are suitable for all levels. Work out to favorite artists, such as Dua Lipa, Galantis, David Guetta, and more, in all categories, including both treadmill and outdoor runs, strength training, elliptical workouts, and more! Check out our collections in the app to discover one that speaks to you!

Find a Workout You Love

We provide workouts for every fitness level, so we encourage you to use the filters button located in the top right corner of the class category screen to help find your perfect class. Only have 20 minutes? Filter by duration and get moving! Prefer a certain trainer? Select his or her name from the list.

Plus, if you already know the workout you’re looking for, you can simply search for it in the search bar located next to the filters button. There are tons of ways to personalize your searches, so be sure to check out the options in every class category.

Find Your Perfect Trainer

Want to know more about our trainers? Check out their profiles to find out what makes them tick!

You’ll find their profiles in the trainer section of the app. Simply go back to the home screen of the app and click the whistle icon on the bottom of the screen. You can also see their certifications and learn more about their training styles.

Looking for ultra-high energy workouts? Ackeem is your man! Technical indoor cycling training? Try one of John’s classes. There’s a trainer to match every mood and personality.

Save and Favorite Classes

If you discover a class you love or want to try, be sure to save it by clicking the “flag” or save button above the “Download Class” button. From there, you can add the class to your “To Do” list or your “Favorites” list. You can find your favorites, your stats on total miles moved, minutes worked, and calories burned in your profile. Simply go back to the home screen of the app and click the person icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Want to take a class but don’t have access to wifi? No problem! You can download any Aaptiv class and take it offline. Simply go to the class you love and click the “Download Class” button. Once you’ve downloaded a class you’ll find it listed in your downloaded classes screen. Simply go back to the home screen of the app and click the “save” button on the bottom of the screen. From there click on “Downloads.”

Once you’ve killed it in class, share your success with us on our official Aaptiv Facebook page, in our exclusive member Facebook group, or by tagging “@aaptiv” on Instagram or Twitter.

Not a member yet? Sign up here and get access to all your favorite categories of workouts immediately.



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