7 Sports Bras for Runners That You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Serious support, no chafing

When you set out to log a few miles, each step should be filled with the desire to push a little harder, run a little faster, breathe a little deeper. Nothing should stand in the way of you and your run—especially not your gear. From your shoes to your tank, your clothing should feel like second skin. (Hey, negative splits are hard enough, the last thing you should be worrying about is what you’re wearing!)

Negative splits are hard, but not impossible, and Aaptiv’s trainers can help you achieve them.

Next to your shoes, your choice in sports bra might just be your most important purchase. It needs to feel like an extension of you: offer serious support, zero chafing, and have proper breathability—basically, you need to completely forget that you’re wearing it. Whether you’re an A cup or a DD (or beyond), there’s a perfect sports bra for you. Keep reading to see seven quality picks for runners.

The best sports bras for every cup size

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Sports Bra ($80)

Designed with high-impact activities in mind, this bra boasts soft cups and breathable fabric to prevent chafing and discomfort. Wide, padded shoulder straps are adjustable for maximum support for larger breast sizes. In fact, the Shock Absorber technology boasts a reduction in bounce by up to 78 percent, according to a 2009 University of Portsmouth study.

Berlei Shift Underwired Bra ($34.45)

Berlei is changing everything you know about underwire bras. This bra offers high-performance support for 32B all the way to 40E. Comfort is key with adjustable crossover shoulder straps and full-coverage cups that lock breasts in place even during the toughest of workouts. Plus, the stylish design prevents the unsightly “uni-boob” and looks great under all kinds of tanks.

C9 Champion Women’s Power Core® Compression MAX High Support Racerback Sports Bra ($22.99)

This affordable choice from Target is a solid option for A and B cups. This bra has a traditional compression and racerback design to help athletes feel comfortable during any training session. And, thanks to sweat-wicking fabric, you can wear it in the dead of summer and not worry about extreme wetness.

Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer III ($58)

This crisscross bra is a serious competitor. Adjustable closures aid in comfort while removable padding and a lifted design help ease bounce and potential shoulder or back pain. This bra is also designed with Luxtreme (Lululemon’s sweat-wicking stretch fabric) specifically with a runner’s body in mind.

Athleta Va Va Sport Bra ($54)

This scoop neck and racerback design might look like your typical sports bra, but it’s fine details make this a solid pick for any runner. With no underwire and a flexible sling design, this is a seamless bra that aims to feel like a part of you. You’re free to move around, jump, sprint, do your thing—without worrying about the girls.

Anita Maximum Support DynamiXstar Racerback Sports Bra ($74)

With sizes ranging from 32A to 40E, this is a sports bra for athletes of all shapes and sizes. The “X” back design helps with stabilization and comfort, while padded and adjustable shoulder straps make for an ergonomic fit. And, despite featuring a double-layered cup, this bra boasts a lightweight, breathable fabric design to prevent unnecessary sweat discomfort.

Old Navy Go-Dry Maximum Support Sports Bra for Women ($29.94)

Old Navy might not be your typical go-to when it comes to activewear, but hear us out. The budget shop has a surprisingly fantastic selection of sports bras, especially compression options for runners. This full-coverage bra keeps you in place comfortably while padded adjustable straps and form-fitting mesh detailing around the neck and breasts mould to you to minimize bounce and movement.

Now that you have a good handle on your gear, hop into the Aaptiv app and push play on a class!



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