Welcome to Aaptiv: A Note from Our CEO

Welcome to Aaptiv.

Welcome to Aaptiv! Starting today, you’ll notice something different around here — Skyfit is now Aaptiv. But don’t worry: everything you love is staying the same.

So, why the change? When I started Skyfit in August 2015, I knew I wanted to transform the way we think about fitness. With the costs and hassles associated with boutique classes and personal trainers, I worried that these effective and powerful workouts were out of reach. And in the days of Seamless and Uber, when you can order whatever you want with a few taps on your phone, I didn’t see why that phone couldn’t also be your trainer.

Now, we set out to create the best possible fitness app — and we think we’re on our way — but we had no idea how quickly our community would grow. Hundreds of thousands of you have hit the trails with our trainers, found a moment of zen in the middle of a hectic day, and taken the time to prioritize health and self. The first thing all Aaptiv employees do in the morning is check in on the community Facebook group. We find inspiration in what’s inspiring you, figure out how to focus our days by hearing about your pain points, and plan our growth around what you’re craving. You are powering this amazing journey, and we needed a name that better captured that magic.

Our new name, Aaptiv, brings together the words ‘active’ and ‘adaptive,’ because we’re learning that this community is about so much more than those 30 minutes you grab on the treadmill. It continues to encapsulate what we’re dedicated to doing every day: bringing an elevated audio fitness experience to a global community. Our goal is to make Aaptiv the go-to tool for your active, ever-adapting lifestyle. It’s fitness that fuels your life.

The only changes you’ll notice are good ones. We’re still committed to delivering the best audio fitness experience straight to your earbuds. We’ll continue to leverage new technology to make the highest quality fitness accessible and available to everyone. But we will also focus on adapting our concept to help you live an active and fulfilling life outside of the gym.

As we said, our members are and always will be the most important part of Aaptiv. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the change, and to know what you guys want to see next. You can email me directly anytime at

We couldn’t do it without you. Welcome to Aaptiv.



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