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Introducing Aaptiv’s Weight Loss Kickstart, Live In-App Now!

Here are the tools, support, and structure you need to succeed.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight—whether a substantial amount or just that last ten pounds—you know it’s not exactly easy. Weight loss is as much a mental game as it is a physical one and, frankly, it can be a frustrating, emotional, and unpredictable journey. But with the right tools and the right support, weight loss can also be massively rewarding for every facet of your wellbeing. So, we thought we’d help you get started on the right foot. Introducing Weight Loss Kickstart, live in-app now!

Lead by Aaptiv Trainer Kelly Chase, the Weight Loss Kickstart program is a well-rounded approach to weight loss that focuses on two critical components for success: variety and habit. The four-week program includes cardio and strength training workouts and features workouts lead by many of your other favorite Aaptiv trainers. Each week also includes a weekly meditation centered around the mental and emotional roadblocks we encounter on any fitness journey, such as stress relief and practicing self-love. So, you’re working out your body and your mind in tandem. “I wanted to offer members a variety of workouts and trainers to work with,” Chase explains. “Not only does it help beat boredom that might creep up, but it also gives users an outline for building a weight loss plan. You have this many cardio workouts, this many strength, and you’re incorporating that mindfulness piece, too.”

Chase knows firsthand the struggles that come along with weight loss. “This is very personal for me because I went through my own weight journey so I feel like I know exactly what members are feeling and will go through on their own journeys,” she says. “There are times where I felt insecure, embarrassed, and sad, but what I gained was so much bigger than that.” The goal, Chase explains, is for members to, yes, lose weight, but also shed those negative feelings and gain more confidence and happiness.

So, there is no ideal number of pounds to lose in these four weeks. Instead, Chase wants members to focus on forming habits that will help them not only stay on track but create healthier lifestyles overall. In the app, you’ll find a dedicated calendar and nutrition guide to use in conjunction with the Weight Loss Kickstart program. The nutrition guide outlines the dietary basics that will set you up for weight loss success. Keep it close to support your physical progress and help establish those necessary habits that will keep you motivated and moving forward.

Now, you’ve got the tools, support, and structure you need. Head to Aaptiv app to kickstart your weight loss now! Look for Weight Loss Kickstart under the Programs card in-app.

Ready to get started on your own weight loss journey, but not a member of Aaptiv yet? Sign up here!

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