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Introducing Aaptiv’s Weight Loss Programs, Live In-App Now!

Here are the tools, support, and structure you need to succeed.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight—whether a substantial amount or just that last ten pounds—you know it’s not exactly easy. Weight loss is as much a mental game as it is a physical one and, frankly, it can be a frustrating, emotional, and unpredictable journey. But with the right tools and the right support, weight loss can also be massively rewarding for every facet of your wellbeing. So, we thought we’d help you get started on the right foot. Introducing two weight loss programs, Intro to Weight Loss and Maintain Your Weight Loss, live in-app now!

Intro to Weight Loss is a six-week program, in which you’ll complete three workouts per week, utilizing a combination of cardio and strength training movements. This well-rounded approach will motivate you, increase your energy, and help to regulate your blood pressure as you begin your weight loss journey. You’ll also gain the confidence to complete other Aaptiv workouts and programs. The Aaptiv trainers leading the program are Ackeem Emmons, Jaime McFaden, John Thornhill, Kenta Seki, and Katie Horwitch. You’ll need a set of dumbbells, a mat, and an elliptical for the workouts.

Once you’ve successfully completed Intro to Weight Loss, try our expert-driven weight loss maintenance program. During this six-week program, you’ll complete four workouts per week led by one of eight Aaptiv trainers, plus a couple of advanced workouts that combine cardio and unilateral strength training. By continuing to make weight loss a priority, you’ll not only benefit from improved health, but also gain a deeper sense of commitment to your fitness goals. The Aaptiv trainers leading you are Ackeem Emmons, Katie Howitch, Mary O., Amanda Butler, Kenta Seki, Jaime McFaden, John Thornhill, and Rochelle Moncourtois. You’ll need dumbbells, kettlebells, an elliptical, and a mat for the program.

Remember, there is no ideal number of pounds to lose in these four weeks. Instead, focus on forming habits that will help you not only stay on track but create healthier lifestyles overall. While exercise is a major factor in weight loss, nutrition is also key. You want to make sure you’re eating balanced meals that nourish your body! For more information, check out some of the articles on Aaptiv Magazine.

Now, you’ve got the tools, support, and structure you need. Head to Aaptiv app to kickstart your weight loss now! Look for both under the Programs card in-app.

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