Introducing Team, Aaptiv’s New In-App Community

Team Aaptiv is officially in the app!

It’s no secret that community is without a doubt the most important thing to us here at Aaptiv. Sure, audio fitness is pretty key, too. But our members helped make us who we are and continue to help make us better every single day. More than that, our members, better known as Team Aaptiv, help make each other better every single day. The Aaptiv Facebook community has gradually grown to nearly 33,000 members and is filled to the brim with motivation. Every day, our members sign on to congratulate each other, comfort each other, and push each other forward. And now, they can do that—and more—directly in the Aaptiv app. Introducing Team, our new in-app community!

The new Team feature is a perfect combination of all the community feels you already love and the in-app experience you’ve been asking for. “Aaptiv members formed this amazing community on Facebook where they were encouraging one another, sharing questions, and communicating with trainers,” explains Aaptiv Founder and CEO Ethan Agarwal. “We decided that we owed it to these members to create something special for them within the app. So, we created the Team tab.”

Now, you can share support, recommend the Aaptiv classes you love, and spread confetti far and wide all right in the app. Here’s how it works:

To Share Support:

  1. Simply open your Aaptiv app as usual. Check that it’s the most recent version of the app or update, if necessary.
  2. Find the Team tab on the bottom navigation right between the Browse and Saved icons.
  3. Click Team to see the feed. Here you’ll find sweaty selfies (and many other creative post-workout photos!), information about each class taken by other Aaptiv members, and comments about the classes.
  4. You can comment on posts, send confetti, and also find new workouts to try. Click on a member’s post and you’ll be taken directly to the workout they completed.

To Post Your Own Team Update:

  1. First, complete an Aaptiv workout.
  2. After your workout is complete, you’ll be prompted to share it with Team Aaptiv. You don’t have to, but why wouldn’t you?
  3. You can choose to include comments about your workout and a picture of your choice. (We love those sweaty selfies, but we’ll accept pictures of sweaty machines, sweaty mats, or sweaty pets, too!)
  4. Wait for the comments, confetti, and boosted confidence to roll in!
  5. Here’s what you’ll see when you’re done posting:

aaptiv team tab

Team is a brand new feature so, as you enjoy it, share your feedback and any questions with us! To make your first experiences with Team as smooth as possible, we went ahead and answered a few common questions.


Why can’t I post to the feed?
In order to post to the feed, you must complete a workout in-app. Feel free to also give confetti and comment on others’ posts throughout the day, though!

Can I ask questions and tag trainers like I can in the Facebook page?
In the future, you’ll be able to tag your trainers. For now, mention them in your comments to shout them out or ask any questions. The Aaptiv community manager will be able to pass comments and feedback along to them directly. And don’t worry! The trainers will still be hanging out in the Facebook community, too.

Does this mean the Facebook community page is shutting down?
Nope. The Facebook community will stay alive and active!

Why don’t I have the Team tab?
We’re so glad to see that you’re getting excited about this new Aaptiv feature! At the moment, Team has released it to a small group of members. We look forward to receiving some feedback before launching it to everyone. So stay tuned!

How do I edit my profile photo?
We’re currently working on our profile feature and you should be able to edit your photo very soon. Thanks for your patience and get excited to meet the team!

Head to the Aaptiv app to start sharing your workouts and all the support with Team Aaptiv in the new Team tab now!

Not a member of Aaptiv but looking for a supportive community to share your fitness goals with? Sign up here.



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