How to Set Up an Elliptical Machine

Get comfortable on the machine with just a few easy steps.

The elliptical machine is well-loved by the fitness community. From intense HIIT workouts to high resistance pushes, the elliptical is a versatile machine for beginners and experts alike. Don’t be fooled by the machine’s somewhat bulky appearance either. Once you know the motions, the elliptical is arguably one of the easiest cardio machines in the gym, offering seriously effective and low impact workouts. Here’s exactly how to set up an elliptical machine.

Once you get familiar with the setup, hop in the Aaptiv app to try out an elliptical class for yourself! 

How to Set up an Elliptical

Climb on and get comfortable.

Start moving.

Aaptiv trainers provide audio cues on how to set up the elliptical and get started with your workout. 

Fix that posture.

Try something new.



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