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Selena Gomez’s Trainer on Staying Fit and Traveling

Celebrity trainer Amy Rosoff Davis shares her tips for keeping up with your workouts and your health on the road.

Busy schedules and too many travel plans make can make staying healthy a challenge. Just ask celebrity personal trainer, health guru, actress, and new mother Amy Rosoff Davis. Davis, who kept Selena Gomez at peak health and fitness throughout her Revival tour, knows a thing or two about maintaining healthy habits while traveling or juggling multiple responsibilities. So, before Davis is whisked away on another tour or called upon by one of her many other celeb clients such as Kristin Bell, Emma Roberts, and Taylor Schilling, we asked her all about staying active and healthy on the go.

Working Out While Traveling

Pack portable equipment and get creative.

“I always pack thera-bands (resistance bands) with me while traveling and sometimes I bring a magic circle, depending on space,” Davis says. If you don’t have space in your suitcase, though, she suggests using a towel as a mat for a yoga or core workout. But no equipment is never an excuse to skip a workout. “There are also plenty of workouts you can do without any equipment,” says Davis, recommending plyometric full body exercises like jumping jacks that can be done anywhere.

Switch up your routine.

When you’re strapped for time on a busy schedule, Davis recommends workouts that work your full body. “I am a fan of a mini HIIT workout on the go,” she says. “I’ll do some kickboxing moves, then go down to the mat and do some mat pilates, then get back up and do jumping jacks, then do some yoga, then some planks, etc. I like to mix it up and keep myself on my toes.” Being out of your comfort zone and away from your typical workout spots offers ample opportunity to beat boredom and keep things interesting.

Eating Healthy On The Go

Bring your own snacks.

“Jet lag and exhaustion is only exasperated by a bad diet so I always pack my own snacks,” Davis says. “On the go, I enjoy are raw nuts and seeds—even legumes like dried chickpeas are so good. I also bring seaweed snacks and nut bars—just be sure to check the ingredients on the bar. If I am traveling domestically, I’ll pack an apple and maybe even some veggies to snack on.” Bringing your own healthy options is not only good for you but will save you some money while in transit, too.

Keep size in mind.

When packing snacks, don’t assume that healthy options mean you can have an eating free-for-all. Pay attention to your portions. “I also mind my portion size,” says Davis. “Nuts are not something you want to eat too many of so if it’s easier, buy the proportioned snack bag size!”

Stay hydrated.

You probably saw this coming. But staying hydrated while traveling, especially on flights, is critical. “I drink tons of water and I always bring a big bottle or two of water on the plane,” Davis says. Drinking enough water will also keep you energized and feeling clear-headed, which can make all the difference when flying or on the road.

Keeping Motivated On The Road

Find what works for you.

It’s easy to get sidetracked and skip your normal healthy habits when you’re traveling and out of routine. It’s important to find a solution for staying motivated that works with your particular travel style. “Some of my clients thrive with a more routine-based workout schedule and others love spontaneity,” Davis says. “I have a special relationship with each of them and I make sure to work with their strengths and challenge them in areas they feel need more work.”

Finding Time For Self-Care

Practice mindfulness.

“Life can get pretty hectic so I try and take at least five minutes—more if time permits—to meditate or practice some mindfulness every day,” Davis says. “That could mean a chanting meditation, some yoga, just lying down and focusing on my breath. It keeps me grounded and focused on being in the present moment.

Stay present.

Traveling can bring some general feelings of anxiety with it. Davis recommends focusing on the present to remain productive and at peace. “Trying to stay present is really important, especially when you are busy,” she says. “If you do everything stressed out [and] on autopilot, your work and life won’t be as full or productive as it would be if you just started present and focused.” This is why Davis makes it a point to meditate and practice mindfulness.

Take it from this successful trainer, mom, and all-around wonder woman. Remember these tips next time you jet off or your schedule feels overwhelming. Afterall, if it works for the crazy schedule of Selena Gomez, it might just work for you, too.

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