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Introducing Our Walk to Run One Mile Program!

Hit your stride.

We talk a lot about running and goals. From reaching new distances to hitting faster PRs, every running journey is made up of milestones—and it all starts with the first mile. We maintain that if you run, you’re a runner, regardless of distance or time. But for those new to fitness or simply new to running, even one mile can feel overwhelming. So, we created a Walk to Run One Mile program to get you started on the right foot.

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Over the course of four weeks, you’ll complete three runs on either a treadmill or outdoors, as well as a stretching session, while being encouraged every step of the way by Aaptiv Trainers John Thornhill, Rochelle Baxter, and Jaime McFaden. You’ll complete two trials—during the first week to record your time, and again in the fourth week to track your progress—but it doesn’t matter whether it takes you eight, ten, 12, or more minutes to complete the mile, it’s all about your running journey. This program is geared towards getting you started and getting you moving, one step at a time.

You’ll focus on proper running form and technique with walking, jogging, and running workouts. Your stretching sessions will teach you the importance of giving your muscles some TLC. In order to run at your max capacity, your muscles need to be loose and limber. This program will teach you how to get there. And, while the goal is to complete one mile, the rewards extend far beyond the finish line. “This program is a perfect way to learn the basics of running and improve physical fitness,” says McFaden. “But the overall goal is much more than the mile—it’s about creating healthier habits within your life by making small changes that add up to big ones.”

The program teaches goal-setting that will enhance all aspects of your fitness routine. Not only will you gain the confidence to challenge yourself more in your fitness journey, but you’ll also learn the skills and techniques you need to run for one mile—and beyond. The best part? You’ll have fun while you’re doing it!

So sweep your hesitation to the side and push play! You’ll discover a new side of yourself as soon as you get started.

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