Introducing Road Warrior Workouts for Traveling

We partnered with Hotel Tonight to create workouts made for travelers.

Calling all road warriors! Think you can’t keep up with your fitness routine while jet-setting? Think again. Whether you’re on a business trip or a family vacation, traveling doesn’t have to hinder your progress—and working out while traveling doesn’t have to interrupt your time away. To prove it to you, we partnered with HotelTonight to bring you Road Warrior Workouts.

This collection of Aaptiv classes features workouts designed for the always-on-the-go. From outdoor runs created with new city exploration in mind to big stretches perfect for post-flight muscles to bodyweight workouts free of bulky equipment, these Road Warrior Workouts are ideal for all types of travelers and trips.

To help you get the absolute most out of your traveling workouts, we asked Aaptiv trainer Jaime McFaden (she’s a former flight attendant!) and fitness expert Candice Cunningham for their top tips for staying fit while on the road. Before you take off, read on for their advice and more information on each of the workouts included in the Road Warrior program.

Come Prepared

“First and foremost, call ahead to see if your hotel or resort has a gym,” says McFaden. “This will help you determine what kinds of workouts you’ll be able to do while away so you can plan ahead.”

For locations without gyms or traditional cardio machines, Cunningham suggests packing your own equipment. “Bring resistance bands or other easy-to-carry gear so you can fit in some kind of workout wherever you go,” she says. You can also skip any equipment and rely entirely on bodyweight exercises such as burpees, air squats, and planks with Aaptiv workouts.

Take A Tour

Kill two birds with one stone! Both McFaden and Cunningham agree that actually getting out and exploring your destination works as a workout itself. “Use a new city as an excuse to fit in a workout and take a walking or jogging tour to really check it out,” says McFaden.

Cunningham also recommends getting your family or friends involved. “Get outside and bring your family or whoever you’re vacationing with, too,” she says. She suggests hiking, biking, or walking around your new locale to fit in those steps and get your heart rate up a bit.

Stretch It Out

One of the top most annoying things about traveling? Long hours in cramped spaces. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, your muscles are bound to feel a little tight after a while. “Right when you get to your hotel, do ten minutes of stretching,” says McFaden. This will elongate those stiff muscles and ease any tension in your legs or lower back from being so confined. Loosen up those muscles with an Aaptiv stretch and say “ahhhh.”

Road Warrior Workouts

Set Pace in a New Place with Jaime M.
Intervals: Whether you’re traveling or at home, this outdoor run is all about getting outside and exploring a new place. Alternate between one-minute, two-minute, and three-minute intervals of walking and jogging.

Small Space, Big Stretch with Jenn G.
Full Body: Travel addicts, rejoice! Whether you’ve been cramped up in a plane, train, or long car ride, this stretching class is the perfect way to expand and relax your muscles.

Power Walk Pusher with Meghan T.
Intervals: Practice transitioning from speed walking to a run in this beginner class. You’ll learn more about how to build your pace to gain endurance overall.

Make Yourself At Home with Ceasar B.
Full Body Flow: This yoga flow is the perfect way to ground yourself in new or unfamiliar surroundings. Find a comfortable spot and get ready to grow some roots as you move through these quick, beginner-friendly movements and meditations.

AMRAP on the Road with Jaime M.
Full Body: In this quick strength workout you’ll use your surroundings and bodyweight to work through six different exercises including push-ups, planks, lunges, and squat variations. Grab whatever heavy object you see and get ready to sweat!

Bodyweight Burner with Rochelle M.
Lower Body: All you need is your body weight for these quick intervals of high knees, squats, and lunges that will set your lower body on fire.

Breathe Deep with Ceasar B.
Restorative Flow: This guided yoga flow will help you utilize your deep, conscious breaths. You’ll be guided through poses like Sun Salutation A, Boat Pose, Happy Baby, and Savasana.

U Against The World with Candice C.
Jog + Run Intervals: Intermediate runners will love this routine as it pushes you to run faster with each interval of this pop-heavy workout. Set your own speed goal for each round and prepare to exceed your expectations every time.

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