Release Notes + FAQ: Pick Your Own Music Genre, Adjust Your Music Volume, and More!

Everything you need to know about the latest app release.

This week we launched an update introducing some exciting new features and bringing back Aaptiv classes, programs, and categories you already know and love. These updates are a result of changes to the way we license our music and will include:

The Return of Classic Aaptiv Classes, Programs, and Categories

This new update includes the return of hundreds of Aaptiv classes, programs like our Marathon Training program, and categories like Boxing and Rowing. Please note that changes to the way we license music will mean that our current classes will be updated and a very small amount of classes will need to be removed due to licensing conflict.

Pick Your Own Music Genre

The same Aaptiv workouts that you know and love, but you get to pick the genre of music. You’ll now have the ability to choose between 15 different music stations for every workout including pop, hip hop, electronic, and more. Rediscover your favorite Aaptiv classes with the music genre of your choice so you’re sure to love every note.

Adjust Your Music Volume

With this new update, you’ll be able to control and adjust the volume of the music played during your workout to make sure your classes are perfectly balanced for you.

To access these features, simply go to the app store and update to the latest version of the Aaptiv app!


Update FAQs:


What inspired this update?

By demand, our users will now have the ability to customize the music genre of their classes and control the audio levels. The features being added in this update are a result of changes to the way we license music. These changes will also help us avoid future licensing conflicts which have historically resulted in large amounts of content being removed from the app.

What content is returning to the app?

We will be bringing back hundreds of Aaptiv classes as well as a few programs like our Marathon Training, Touch Your Toes, and more. We’ll also be bringing back the Rowing and Boxing workout categories.

What content is being removed from the app?

Almost all of your favorite classes will still be available! Some classes will be updated with our newest musical features. Some classes, specifically those featuring a single artist’s music, will have to be removed due to licensing conflicts.

How will classes currently in the app change?

The music in classes currently in the app will be removed and replaced with playlists made up of music from the genre of your choosing. Many of these classes, including all new classes moving forward, will also allow you to select an Aaptiv Original Playlist.

What is the Aaptiv Original Playlist?

For many classes, you will still be able to pick the original playlist that the class was created with. Please note that due to music licensing restrictions, this option will not be available for every class.

For Pick Your Own Music, what genres of music can I choose from?

You can pick from 15 music genres (8 if you’re outside of the US) including Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock, Ambient, Throwbacks, Country, and more.

Once I pick a genre, what music will be featured?

While you won’t be able to pick individual songs in a workout, the changes we are making today will mean that there will be a much larger variety of music in our classes.

Will I be able to change the music genre mid-workout?

No. This is a feature we may add in the future. If you’d like to change the music genre of a class, simply stop the class and restart it with the appropriate genre.

Will I be able to skip songs?

Yes! You can skip up to 6 songs per hour.

Will I still be able to download workouts?

Yes, you will still be able to download workouts.

What happens to workouts that I currently have downloaded?

You will need to go to your current downloads list and re-download the workouts with the updated music. Don’t worry, your lists won’t disappear! The app will just remind you to re-download the workouts when you go to press play.

Will I still be able to download workouts to my Apple Watch?

No. Due to music licensing restrictions we will be temporarily removing the ability to download workouts on the Apple Watch. You will still be able to use our Apple Watch application to track your workout metrics. As part of this process, we’ll be rethinking how to improve our Apple Watch offering in the future.

What will happen to the programs, challenges, and collections in the app?

All of your favorite programs, challenges, and collections will remain in the app. The music in these programs, challenges, and collections will be updated.

How do I provide feedback on these updates?

As always, we’re eager to hear your thoughts! Send us an email at with any feedback you might have. Additionally, if you notice any issues or inconsistencies with classes that you take in the app, please leave a review in the app or send us an email.



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