How to Perfectly Make a Cup of Joe

The aromatic caffeinated drink has always been everyone’s best friend throughout the day. It is there to refresh your energy in the morning and set the mood for the day. However, going to a coffee shop may not always be convenient as you can be busy or too tired to go out. Sometimes, you may experience bad service, or long queuing times while getting your coffee that can ruin your day. This is probably why making a cup of joe in the comfort of your home will be more fruitful. This article will give you the necessary tips for a perfect coffee.

Go for Fresh Beans

Coffee reaches its peak taste right after being roasted. This is why the fresher the beans, the better the flavor. Purchasing from your local roaster is a wise step to get some good quality beans. You can ask the owner for the schedule of the roast and ensure you get the freshest batch. They will taste better than the ones bought off a supermarket shelf. There are also ways to determine if your store-bought beans are fresh or not. For instance, you can look for glossy texture, check for residue, and search for a valve in the packet.

Properly Store Your Coffee

It is optimal to store coffee in airtight containers, such as ceramic storage crocks or glass jars with rubber seals. Chilling coffee in fridges may sound tempting, but it is not as the beans contain pores that can absorb moisture and other food odors. Experts at this coffee blog would not recommend freezing coffee, particularly dark roasts. You can purchase a week’s worth of coffee to keep fresh for daily use and keep it at room temperature. Keep it away from heat, light, and moisture in order not to ruin your coffee grounds’ smell and taste.

Grind Your Coffee

As coffee gradually loses its flavor after being ground, it is better to grind it on the spot for a more preserved taste. It is important to know the degree of grinding. Coffee grounds should not be too coarse and rough, or else it will be weak and it shouldn’t be too fine either as it will result in a bitter taste. You can do it manually or by using a coffee grinder. Whichever way you choose, home grounds can be as fresh and refined as the ones you drink in cafés.

Choose What Fits the Budget

Just like wine, coffee quality can be refined and expensive. The good news is there are numerous delicious types available, and they will not necessarily break the bank. Beans such as Robusta and Arabica are abundant in the market. They have a wide variety of flavors and roasts that meet every need. You can try out new brands and determine what you like best.

Use Good Water

Chlorine or other off flavors found in tap water can certainly put a damper on your coffee’s flavor. You should use spring or filtered water to ensure quality. The minerals in water affect the taste as well, so do not go for distilled or softened water. As for the water temperature, it is better to keep it just below the boiling point. Very hot water can highlight the bitter compounds in coffee, making it foul-tasting.

Keep Your Equipment Clean

Regularly cleaning tools and equipment you use for making your coffee are a must. You would not want to have any oil buildup on the coffee grinder or coffee containers. Make sure to clean them at least every few weeks to get rid of residue and debris and dissolve any harmful minerals. Before using, you can rinse them thoroughly to be sure of the elimination of any harmful particles.

Do the Math

Making good coffee is about removing variables. To achieve that, you should try to use the same amount of coffee for every unit of water each time while brewing. A digital scale can help you measure and compare the used coffee and water. Find the right ration for you and stick to it for a pleasant experience every time you brew.

Whether enjoyed hot, iced, Turkish, Americano, espresso, or lattes, coffee is certainly one of the most popular comfort drinks people love. It is a suitable drink at any time of the day. Whether you start with a cup of Joe in the morning with breakfast, in the afternoon while working, or even at night when you go out, the aromatic drink is always there. What is a better way than to have fine coffee at your convenience? To appropriately know how to get that professionally brewed taste, you should learn all the secrets to making one. With this guide, you can be your own barista.



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