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Coffee vs. Energy Drinks vs. Pre-Workout: Which is Right for You?

In an attempt to get the energy jolt we’re craving in order to carry on with our day and ensure we complete that workout, many of us reach for certain beverages, namely coffee, energy drinks and Pre-Workout—but which is right for you?

Benefits of Drinking Coffee Before a Workout

We all love to start our mornings with a good old cup of coffee, but did you know that there are ben...

The Pre-Workout Ingredient Glossary

Use this cheat sheet to decode your pre-workout nutrition label.

What You Should Eat for Each Type of Workout

Fuel up with the right foods.

Is It OK to Drink After Working Out?

It may have a negative effect on your fitness.

Are These 6 Foods Slowing Down Your Workout?

Don’t let your pre-workout meal affect your ability to exercise.

Is Chocolate Milk Really the Best Post-Workout Recovery Drink?

It has that necessary protein-carb combo.

4 Easy One-Pan, High-Protein Post-Workout Dinners

Getting your protein fix shouldn’t require spending hours in your kitchen.

How Caffeine Before Workouts Can Help Your Fitness Goals

Aside from being one of the most widely consumed and appreciated beverages around the world, it turn...

What Boxing Instructors Eat Before and After Workouts

Get the inside scoop on what gives these pro boxing athletes mega energy.

Are Pre-Workout Drinks Healthy or Harmful?

An expert breaks it down the energizing drinks and powders.

6 Snacks to Avoid Post-Workout—and What to Eat Instead

Say buh-bye to bacon and smoothies, and hello to these goodies.


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